Texas Rep. Wesley Hunt Reveals Shocking Story of Trump Directly Threatening Taliban Leaders


Former President Donald Trump may have been many things, but he was not someone to mess with when it comes to foreign policy. According to Texas Republican congressman Wesley Hunt, the Taliban found out about this during a face-to-face meeting with former President Donald Trump.

Hunt appeared with Byron Donalds on The Sage Steele Show and told a tale about a time when Trump met Taliban leaders to plan the withdrawal of American soldiers from Afghanistan.

Trump said to the Taliban leaders that he was willing to leave Afghanistan but only under certain conditions.

What conditions were there?

Hunt says there is only one.

Hunt stated that they only had one interpreter in the room and Trump was very clear about his requirements for the translator.

Trump said, “I’m going kill you if you hurt a single hair on an American.”

According to Hunt, the translator looked at Trump wide-eyed and leaned back in his chair. However, Trump demanded the translator repeat the warning to the Taliban leaders verbatim.

Hunt claims that Trump handed him a satellite picture of the home of the Taliban leader before getting up and leaving the room.

The message was brief but clear. Trump was not playing around.

You wonder what would have happened in Afghanistan if Trump had been in charge. But sadly, that wasn’t the case. Joe Biden was the man who oversaw Afghanistan’s withdrawal. It remains to this day one of his biggest failures.

Biden did withdraw troops from Afghanistan in 2021. However, it was a planned withdrawal that left untold quantities of military equipment with the Taliban, which they then repurposed. He also abandoned hundreds of Americans, allies, and other foreigners to the Taliban who took over the country within hours. Thirteen service members died.

Biden and his administration embarrassed America with their withdrawal. The blood that was spilled on both sides is his.

You can’t but wonder how this situation would have been different had Trump been in charge. Biden’s tenure would have likely seen a Taliban less brave than they were before, but it seems that the threat of a missile strike no longer worried them. Trump was the real threat, and he had already shown how dangerous he was when he struck Iranian Major General Qassem Solimani with a drone and then ate ice cream.

This little story by Hunt confirms this.

It’s like night and day.