Texas School Shooting: Salvador Ramos Told Classroom It’s Time to Die, Survivor Says


According to a fourth-grader who survived, the gunman responsible for the shooting at Uvalde killed 19 students and 2 teachers.

The 9-year-old spoke out to KENS 5 about the chilling words Salvador Ramos allegedly said at Robb Elementary on Tuesday. He described how he had hidden under a table during Ramos’ shooting rampage.

“He shot the door of the next person. There is a door in the middle. He opened it. The student said that he came in, and he sat down a bit. “When he shot it, it was very loud. It hurt my ears.”

According to the student, when he heard gunfire outside his classroom, he told his friend “to hide underneath something so he won’t find us”.

“I was hiding very hard. “I was hiding hard. He is going to hear me,” I told my friend, the student at KENS 5.

According to reports, the boy and four other students took cover under a table with a tablecloth.

“When the cops arrived, the cop said to the student: “Yell if you need help!” “One of the people in my class said “help,” the student remembered. “The guy heard her and… shot her.”

According to the student, the officer “barged into that room” after which he was fired.

He said, “The guy shot at a cop.” “And the cops began shooting.”

The student claimed that his teachers, Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia, were killed in the shooting. He “went in front of my classmates to help them, to save them.”

Ramos was shot to death by a Border Patrol officer. The student claimed that he had “opened the curtain” on the table and “I just put my hands out.”

“I was with my friend when I got out. He said that he knew it was the police. “I saw the shield and armor.”