The Biden Family Influence-Peddling Scandal Just Got Much, Much Worse


Rep. James Comer, a master-blaster of the House Oversight Committee, is investigating the alleged influence peddling by the Biden family. He believes that there could be more than half dozen Bidens eating cheddar from the tens to millions of dollars sent to their families by people connected to the Chinese commies.

Communist China, which spy on us with balloons and maintains secret police stations throughout North America and is currently looking for ways to disarm our military spacecrafts, is our greatest enemy and our greatest threat to the nation. It has also funneled millions to the Biden family. In a coincidentally, Joe Biden has been criticised for being soft towards China in regard to COVID-19’s origins and the billion-dollar industry that Chinese fentanyl is flooding over our southern border. This causes overdoses that kill more than 80,000 Americans every year.

Comer told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham that “at the end of this we’re going to see there were probably six or seven Biden relatives who were involved in different business schemes around the globe,”

A family tradition

Although Comer didn’t name names, he mentioned recently that a “new Biden”, or a “new Biden,” had taken a $3 million payment to Hunter Biden’s liar John “Rob” Walker. Walker was presented with the payment by two individuals connected to the Chinese Communist Party. The cheddar was then given to the three members of Biden’s family.

Comer stated further that he did not know the purpose of the $3 million payment, even though he had bank records available to him via subpoena.

He was not done with the Biden family secrets. Ingraham was also told:

This just goes to show how deeply the Biden family was involved with this influence-peddling scheme.

This seems to indicate that these individuals, closely aligned to the Chinese Communist Party sent $3 million to a Shell Corporation, then they split it three times with a third going the Biden Family – three different family members for seemingly no reason.

They did not invest it in a company. It appears that they just kept it in their pockets.

La Famiglia

The Bidens look more like a New York Mafia clan than a political dynasty. These are the major players in the Biden la Cosa Nostra clan:

Joe “The Big Guy” Biden is the head of the Biden crime syndicate.

Joe’s brother, Jim “Consigliere”, Biden. Joe remains close to him. Although Jim is not allowed to speak out, the FBI has plenty of evidence that points to years of Jim’s shenanigans.

Joe’s son, Hunter “Fredo” Biden. Ukrainian bagman, well-known for videotaping him smoking crack and plowing hookers.
Joe’s brother Frank Biden “Frankie The Magician” Biden. He accepts high-paying positions with fledgling businesses and the companies suddenly land lucrative government contracts.

Ed Reinke

Who is the “new Biden”, the one who took cash from the family’s slush fund and hid it? We don’t know what Comer is up to, but we do have some suspicions.

Sara Biden, wife to Jim Biden.

Joe Biden’s husband, Dr. Howard Krein is thought to have taken Ashley “not appropriate” showers as a child with him.
Valerie Biden Owens, Joe’s sister. She was his sister and ran all his Senate campaigns, as well as his unsuccessful 1988 and 2008 presidential bids.

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FACT-O-RAMA! Joe Biden, Obama’s vice president, was the point man for Ukraine as well as Costa Rica. The Biden family was able to land lucrative contracts in many fields, despite their lack of experience in those fields in both the United States and in Iraq, Mozambique and Mozambique.

The Oversight Committee of Rep. Comer is a problem for the Biden family. But what can we expect? Democrat fat cats, like the Clintons, always seem to be unaffected by allegations of wrongdoing.

However, the Oversight Committee investigation could be different. According to Comer, seven members of the Biden family could be involved in the influence-peddling scheme. This could be too large to conceal given the connections between the Bidens, Comer claims to have found, and the tens of million of commie dollar.

But, on the other hand: Does the nation really want to witness the inauguration of President Harris’s?

We do know that the Biden family is against the ropes. The world will soon see the Bidens’ connections to the Chinese commies trying to conquer us when they fall. That word is probably treason.

My history books say that commies aren’t easy to find. We can only expect them to fight as hard as they can, even though their walls are closing in on them at this historic point in the history of our nation’s existence. We the People should do the same.

Patriot, you have done a tremendous job fighting for our freedoms and values. We are grateful. Let’s raise a bourbon, then we can get back to fighting. Do we need to do more to protect our liberties and freedoms? Plenty.

It is now that you can join the fight, not when China releases the next virus or when Bill Gates says the world must ban together under a single-world government to fight the little green men of Mars or any other jackassery they plan to enslave.