The Darker Side of Feminism Comes out in TikTok Rants Stressing Over Roe v. Wade Future


As I have noted, far-leftists in the United States have an extraordinary tendency to hide the ugly truth about what they are trying to accomplish. This can be a problem when it comes to issues such as healthcare, taxes, and race.

Jimmy Kimmel, a late-night talk show host and presumed compassionate liberal, stated in September 2021 that any unvaccinated Americans should be referred to the hospital emergency room and left to die in pain if they experience COVID symptoms or a shortage in ICU beds.

“This choice doesn’t seem so difficult to me. A vaccinated person experiencing a heart attack? We’ll take good care of you, so come in. An unvaccinated man who ate horse goo He “joked” and said, “Rest in peace, wheezy.” The crowd cheered enthusiastically.

A few weeks later, another notorious incident occurred when a radical immigrant activist group spied on Arizona Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema. They were in a women’s bathroom with other women and, encouraged by a male agitator, pointed their cameras at Sinema’s bathroom stall and recorded the entire thing.

The disturbing incident was sickeningly justified by so-called “defenders for women” from the left, including self-proclaimed feminists. They basically gave “her skirt is too short”-type defenses to the “protesters.”

Just this week, Americans are still processing the news about Monday’s Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft majority opinion in which he stated “We hold that Roe & Casey must be overruled”, but leftists have woken up to tell us who they really were.

According to a report by The Insider, TikTok’s distraught feminists are worried about Roe v. Wade being overturned and what that could mean for their “right” to “hook up” with men without any responsibility.

“In case you’re not concerned about roe vs wade, just know that if abortion is banned hookup culture would be completely decimated,” TikTok user@moneymollusk said in a video that received over 1.2 million views in one day.

She continued, “What women would do to mediocre sex with drunk randos if he could father their child?” Noting that the video was directed at all pro-life men who are passionate about Plan B, she said, “What women would do to mediocre sex?

You can watch the video (language warning: lyrics may be derived from the music)

@moneymollusk all the pro-life men who love plan b i am speaking to you directly #roevwade ♬ original sound – SHAKEYFUNNYAZZ

Another video was also captured by The Insider.

Nicki Cox, a fitness influencer, stated that Roe V. Wade debates are not just for women in a second video. It received 12,000 views.

She wrote that 75% of men care only about money and sex, and she hoped they would be able to see that the roe v wade decision could end hookup culture.

Good grief.

This story was first seen on Twitchy. My immediate reaction was “and the problem of hook-up culture disappearing would be …?”

The second thought that led me to write about these videos was the fact that the women involved in the hookup were too selfish to use protection.

It is particularly disgusting to see how women in clips from The Insider place the entire responsibility of being safe on men. This, ironically, has been a major problem since Roe V. Wade was decided. “Feminists” decided that if someone gets pregnant by mistake, it was okay to blame the man. This would avoid them having to take responsibility for not protecting themselves from having a child.

Both parties should be 100% committed to safe sexual relations in an ideal world. Unfortunately, there have been over 62,000,000 abortions since Roe V. Wade. This shows that in many cases, that did not happen and that the unborn child was the one who paid the ultimate price.

Feminists love to tell people that it’s women who must carry the baby. They also need to understand that it’s women who should protect themselves if they want to avoid pregnancy. It isn’t an ideal world and women who are interested in casual sex should take steps to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

If abortion law is indeed sent back to the States, how could that mean that “hookup culture” would be destroyed? As long as sufficient women used actual birth control and ensured that the man wore protection to prevent them from accidentally having a baby, it wouldn’t be necessary. This is not rocket science folks.

Since so many women have shown over the past five decades that they are not responsible for the “freedoms” they fought for during The Sexual Revolution, I will continue to make my point about hook-up culture. It wouldn’t hurt if there was less of it regardless of whether Roe v. Wade gets overturned. These women believe that avoiding accidental pregnancy means not having casual sex. This will result in fewer babies being aborted and fewer potential radical leftists. This is a win-win situation in my book.