The Drag Stripper In Full Panicked Retreat After Dancing for Children Doesn’t Go Well


When there are many people around you affirming your thoughts, it’s easy for you to make stupid decisions. For example, the LGBT activist community is very interested in inducting children into their fold. They expose them to drag, gender fluidity, and homosexual acts in literature.

My colleague reported that a Dallas gar bar hosted a drag show. They had dancers dressed in shrunken clothing and performed for children. The neon signs at the back of the room said “It’s not gonna lick itself.”

However, there was an interesting incident during the event where Alex Stein from The Blaze confronted one of the dancers. Stein asked the man loudly, “Do you like dancing for children?” and he was embarrassed. The movement promotes itself as proud, but the drag dancer was not proud of his performance.

He yelled at Stein at first but soon he was at his car door trying to get to safety. However, the driver was unable to unlock the door. The drag dancer continued banging on the hood, trying intermittently to open the door. He finally got in and shut the door.

These dancers should be proud of what they are doing. Why is the dancer not wearing it proudly if the activists want to create an inclusive world? He approached Stein to calmly explain his motives and why he believed what he was doing was morally good.

He panics as Stein tries to confront him. He longs to be able to escape to a safe place where he won’t have Stein telling him the horrible truth. He is clearly not proud. He’s terrified. He is ashamed, dare I say it.

I feel that those who groom children don’t know the morality of what they do and it’s actually harmful to them. They are constantly trying to hide this. It was difficult for parents to see this happening in schools, as the schools actively tried to hide these things from them. Florida’s Parental Rights Law was designed to prevent schools from indoctrinating LGBT children. Schools also need to keep secrets from parents.

People who want to sexually exploit children are often confronted by the reality of their actions and feel shame. To see it in action, watch any episode of “To Catch a Predator”. There is only one difference between the two groups of pedophiles. During the glory days of Chris Hayes, both the right-wing and left had a total rejection of pedophilia and pedophiles felt afraid and isolated once they were caught. Today’s pedophiles enjoy the support of one of the most influential and powerful activist communities in the west. They feel shame but are no longer alone and can seek refuge from the outside world to be reassured.

I see a person who is aware he shouldn’t be doing the things he’s doing but cannot help himself. His affirming peers make it harder to feel guilt. The pleasure is greater than the guilt. He retreats when reality becomes part of the equation. But he’s not running away from the conservative. He is running against the guilt.