The FBI and MI5 Issue Dire Warning, The Chi-Coms Are the World’s Biggest Threat


Both the U.S. domestic intelligence agencies and England’s national intelligence agency issued a joint statement confirming what we have known for a long while: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is the greatest threat to the world we know. They are infiltrating schools, businesses, and infrastructure.

Fascinating Facts

  • CCP spies are probing every sector of the U.S. and UK economies.
  • Chinese spies are believed to have hacked tens of thousands of companies around the world last year.
  • Businesses are encouraged to work with the FBI or MI5 to prevent further attacks/extortion attempts.

Ken McCallum, Director-General of MI5 had these words to say:

The Chinese Communist Party is the most important challenge. It is secretly imposing pressure on the world. It’s urgent and real, even though it may seem abstract. It’s time to discuss it. We must act.

This was added by Chris Wray, FBI Director:

We have always seen that the Chinese government poses the greatest threat to our national and economic security. By ‘our’ we mean both our countries, as well as our allies in Europe.

It would be a crime for Americans to go all commie-tard in America, would it? But not so fast, comrade.

There are many Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion departments that have opened in schools, businesses, and governmental agencies. They have the job of making sure you follow THEIR rules. They decide what is and is not “racist.” You can be fired, re-educated, or punished if you don’t follow their rules of wokeness. This sounds very Marxist to me. I especially like the “re-educated” part.

After providing a trans student with an online de-transitioning site, a right-leaning teacher was sent for “re-educational training”. “Re-education training” sounds as simple as it gets. FYI: The student’s parents didn’t know their child was making this life-altering choice. They were not notified by the school in any way. It is also possible to separate children from their parents, which is a very bolshie tactic.

NPR has ended its 33-year-old tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, in favor of a discussion about “equality”.

CCP Agents Among Us:

Wray stated that there are many reasons to believe China is separating its economy from the west, which could be an indication that China is planning to invade Taiwan.

Chinese secret police also target foreign nationals they consider enemies of the state. They even intimidate and harass certain people.

Yan Xiong, a Democrat candidate, is running against Bill De Blasio, the former NYC mayor. He seeks a seat in the House that represents thousands in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan for Asians. Xiong, unlike De Blasio, is vehemently against communism. He was a student protestor at the Tiananmen Square standoff and the Chi-coms don’t like him. They don’t want him winning. They want him in prison.

Lin Qiming, a Chinese infiltrator, hired a private detective (PI) in order to prove tax evasion and child pornography against Xiong. This was in the hopes of reducing his chances of winning an election and sending him to jail. Lin even suggested that the PI assault Xiong.

Lin said in a voicemail that “But in the final, violence would also be fine,” “Beat him till he can’t run for office.”

Lin was taken into custody. Xiong’s campaign continues.

Despite warnings from the FBI, President Trump’s wide-ranging anti-Chinese spying campaign, The China Initiative, was ended by the Biden administration. Why? Racism accusations. Let me guess. Chinese spies claimed they were racist victims. Please tell me how DEI offices don’t look communist.

The commies have arrived and Democrats such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein or Rep. Eric Swalwell make their job easy. Both were discovered to have Chinese spies in their inner circle. But lefty voters continue to elect them. We must fight back.