The Latest Move by Speaker McCarthy Has Democrats in a Panic


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R. Calif.) has done a great job of triggering Democrats by keeping his promises. He’s gotten rid of Reps. Eric Swalwell and Ilhan Omar from their powerful committee assignments have established committees to investigate corruption in the Biden administration.

McCarthy just made a new move and Democrats are scared. He announced that he would release approximately 14,000 pieces of security footage from the Capitol Riot on Thursday.

McCarthy stated to reporters that she believed the public should be able to see what transpired on that day. “I saw Nancy Pelosi’s actions, where she made it a political issue, where, for the first time in history, as a speaker, she didn’t allow the minority to appoint a committee. This was all politized. The American public should see what actually happened, not just a report written on a political basis.

This is why Democrats would be terrified. Well, that’s easy. This is why Nancy Pelosi, former House Speaker (D-Calif.), repeatedly refused to release the footage. It will be in contradiction with the left’s preferred narrative.

Conservative media reported that footage of Capitol police allowing protestors into the Capitol building was already available.

It is hard to imagine what the footage will reveal and how it will counter the narrative that the left has crafted for the past two years.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R.Fla.) was one of the people who was delighted by the news.

“Kevin McCarthy said he was going to get the evidence in front of the American people and that includes releasing the 14,000 hours of tapes that were hidden. That would provide more context to that date rather than the cherry-picked moments that the January 6th Committee attempted to use to inflame or further divide our nation,” Gaetz told Charlie Kirk.