The Mystery of Biden’s Ukraine Connection


Joe Biden, while serving as Vice President during the Obama Administration, is now being questioned about his involvement in Ukraine.

Biden famously threatened to stop aid to Ukraine if Viktor Shokin, the then prosecutor, was not fired. Recent evidence shows that one of the founders of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, Hunter Biden, hired him with the intention of using his influence to fire Viktor Shokin.

But how did it get to this point? Uncovering a newly discovered exchange from 2014 provides a key clue. A senior administration official (at the moment) provided a background press briefing about Biden’s now infamous trip to Ukraine. According to a response given, it is possible that the now-president requested the role of overseeing American foreign policies in Ukraine. The timeline becomes increasingly suspicious.

Q: Could you please tell us how this trip was arranged? The Vice President is well-versed in diplomatic relations with Ukraine. Was it his idea? Was it because of these relationships that the President asked him to leave? How did this happen?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFICIAL: I’m pausing because it’s just one of those conversations that it’s hard to tell if the President asked or if he wanted to go. The conversation between the two began when both agreed that it was vital for the U.S. government to show its support for the various initiatives that are being undertaken by the government.

Joe Biden’s apparent corruption in his abuse of American aid for the firing of a prosecutor investigating the company where his son worked is enough to make you want to resign. If we were discussing a Republican, you wouldn’t need to say anything else to get people calling for resignation. The above response, which states that Joe Biden might have requested to go to Ukraine and take a leadership role there, takes things to a new level.

This is where the timeline comes into play. Hunter Biden told Devin Archer to purchase a burner cell phone on April 13, 2014. Archer and Joe Biden met just a few days later in the West Wing at the White House. The then vice president, on April 21, 2014, was heading to Kyiv, where he would ultimately get Shokin fired.

The above sequence of events is not a mere coincidence. Joe Biden went to Barack Obama specifically to establish himself as the leader in Ukraine, as part of a plan to enrich his son and his family. Was the infamous trip that led to a huge win for Hunter Biden, Burisma, and the Biden family in Kyiv as a result of the conversation with Archer. This certainly seems to be the case. We aren’t even close to the center of this onion.