The National Border Patrol Council Has Three Words for the ACLU, ‘Go to Hell’


We told you earlier in the week about an incident at Texas border in which illegal aliens, mostly single men from Mexico and Hondurans, ran riot with a huge Venezuelan flag. One Border Patrol agent was struck with a rock and the other with a flag pole. Agents fired pepper balls at the invaders to repel them. They retreated and dispersed. Invaders are not people who rush to cross borders, throw rocks, and hit people with flagpoles. They don’t even wave the flags of their home country.

The ACLU responded by tweeting the following:

Here you can see them waving Venezuelan flags.

Yahoo News claimed that illegals were asking to be admitted to America. They had a huge U.S. flag with the words “We, the migrants built America.” Yahoo also stated that agents used rubber bullets. Although I may be wrong, I’m pretty certain that “asking” is not the same as storming a border or hitting people with rocks or sticks.

Just the News reports that the National Border Patrol Council responded to the ACLU’s request: “Go to hell.”

The NBPC specifically issued the following:

Fact: It is a crime for aliens to cross our border from one port of entry to another. This crime is punishable by imprisonment. Fact: Penalties can be taken in addition to or in place of imprisonment. Fact: Biden/Garland chose not to enforce the criminal statute.

A large number of illegal aliens storm into the U.S., attacking B.P. Agents wave flags from other countries and call it a protest. Nearly 24 hours later, not one MSM reporter has heard anything about it. Why? It doesn’t match the narrative they want for the American people.

The NBPC stated that agents acted with great restraint and that they have been admitted with severe head injuries. The NBPC stated that agents will not tolerate attacks with flag poles and rocks. The ACLU was upset that B.P. Agents have the courage to defend themselves. We have a solution for them. “Go to hell.”

The site also quoted Mark Morgan, former acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, who said to The Center Square that “Once more the mainstream media immediately pushes for a false and misleading narrative. The headlines mocked Border Patrol agents as they were attacked by a large crowd of illegal aliens. They falsely accused them of using rubber bullets and called the protests. It was a big surprise.

It’s not that the Biden administration or their media shills didn’t learn from the report that Alejandro Mayorkas knew border agents on horseback wouldn’t whip illegal immigrants, but they chose to lie about it anyway. They don’t seem to care. They are just too panicked to care. It is clear that the new crop of journalists is too lazy to verify facts and will instead accept whatever facts it wants.

It is evident that the reality is too overwhelming for ordinary Americans to ignore. The Left is aware of this. The Border Patrol is fed up and ready to quit playing. If the Democrats win on Tuesday, expect a stronger hand from the government as well as a strengthened disinformation campaign by the MSM.