The Naval Academy is Stressing Gender Studies While U.S. Faces Mounting Pressure from United Russia-China Front


If the stakes were anything other than global security, it could have been straight out of a Monty Python skit. The Ministry of Silly Walks is not funny, but America in 2024 will be.

Did you know the U.S. Naval Academy offers a gender studies course? You probably won’t be surprised, even if it is a new piece of information. There are many stories about the U.S. Army trying to turn itself into a drag brunch by wearing fatigues. Coupled with Joe Biden’s massive donation of weapons and equipment to Afghanistan, as well as donations to Ukraine, you get an unprepared military, and perhaps uninterested in the nation’s defense.

The Daily Caller reports that the English course is called “HE 374 Topics in Gender and Sexuality Literature.” The course covers topics such as gender and sexuality from the Second Wave Feminist Movement and then continues to LGTBQ, race studies, and Critical Race Theory. The Caller reported that texts include “The Reproduction of Mothering: Psychoanalysis, Sociology of Gender”, by Nancy Chodorow, and “Sexual/Textual Politics: Feminist Literary Theory”, by Toril Moi. Students will learn about theories of gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Midshipmen create a diversity declaration and learn the vocabulary related to sexuality and gender. The Genderbread Person is even going to make an appearance. The academy said to the Caller:

To create well-rounded leaders for the Navy and Marine Corps, the Naval Academy places a high priority on the inclusion and respect of people from all backgrounds. During classroom discussions, a wide range of intellectual approaches, theories, and ideas are discussed. The Naval Academy teaches midshipmen how to be critical and analytical thinkers, who can examine issues from different perspectives.

This course is optional. The full syllabus can be found here.

China and Russia have their plans, while midshipmen are rearranging pronouns. Business Insider reports that Russia and China have been moving closer to forming an alliance that would rival the U.S. Both nations are keeping an eye on global instability, and considering how to take advantage of it. Atlas Group CEO Jonathon Ward said to the outlet: “It’s clear that both states see themselves in a military partnership, and this partnership is becoming deeper and more experienced even if it’s not a formal allegiance in the Western sense.”

China has provided Russia with financial and diplomatic support in its conflict with Ukraine. In turn, Russia has sold China Su-25 jets and MI-17 helicopters as well as S-400 air defense systems. Both nations have conducted joint naval exercises on the Sea of Japan. Russia has also provided submarine technology to the Chinese. Putin said that Russia is partnering with China in the development of high-tech weapons. Do not forget that Russia and China have both sided with Iran in the current conflict regarding the Hamas terror attacks.

Ward said that the U.S. can handle both threats if its allies share the burden. While such an alliance may not be ratified in writing and publicly declared, it is possible to have shared goals. These goals could and probably will include territorial expansion as well as a weaker United States.

Our military institutions are in control of gender studies. I’m sure we can stop the Chinese from invading Taiwan by hurling pronouns their way.