The Real Differences Between the Biden and Trump Document Troves


At the moment, former President Donald Trump appears to have had more documents “classified at Mar-a-Lago Florida” than President Joe Biden’s homes in Delaware.

Contrary the popular belief, Biden isn’t favored by the comparisons.

It would be more difficult for someone to enter a post-presidential Mar-a-Lago house, office, or garage than it would be to enter a pre-presidential Biden home, office, or garage.

Mar-a-Lago housed private security and secret services, agents.

Second, we seem to forget that Biden’s team was actually investigating Biden in this controversy.

The FBI and Justice Department of the Biden Administration investigated Trump as an outsider as well as a former president and potential opponent to Biden.

The story of Trump’s first Democratic impeachment is the claim that Trump used his presidential power to investigate Biden, his family, and a potential 2020 challenger.

Drittens. Biden’s security claims were not dismissed by any government official.

But, this was not the case for the alleged Trump violations.

“Biden, as president, weighed in on the ongoing investigation into Trump by his Justice Department. ”

Fourth: Trump is right to claim that he had a president with far more declassification rights than Biden, who was either a senator or vice president.

Fifth, it wasn’t just asymmetrical that the FBI raided Trump’s home and allowed Biden attorneys to inspect other Biden stashes. The FBI also released purported contents of classified documents belonging to Trump subjects.

The FBI used fake news photos to photograph the FBI distributing documents across the floor. It was as if the papers were not properly arranged.

So far, the FBI has not reacted to the Biden case with the SWAT team involved. This was after being pressured by Republicans and the public.

Sixth, Biden didn’t “self-report.” Biden and his staff didn’t call the proper government authorities when they discovered classified documents at Biden’s office and home.

Biden, or someone close to Biden, knew that classified documents were illegally removed from his office when he resigned as vice president in 2017.

Biden openly admitted to authorities that he had illegally been in possession of classified documents at least for six years.

These troves were only revealed because of apparent White House paranoia. The special counsel said that the media, the Biden justice division, and the special counsel were so focused on Trump documents that they feared someone might ask if they were guilty of the same crime as Trump.

Even worse, Biden’s staff was aware that classified documents were in Biden’s possession before the midterms. However, they suppressed the information after the elections.

Seventh, Trump’s documents only remained at Mar-a-Lago for 19 months. Biden’s documents were available in more places than Trump’s files.

Eighth. The media speculates extensively and often incorrectly about the origins of the documents that were sent to Mar-a-Lago.

Ninth. Trump’s documents did not expose any other liabilities. Biden files so far have drawn attention to the mysterious tens of million dollars in Communist Chinese money that was funneled into Biden’s think-tank at Penn, the proximity to members of a quid pro quo Biden consortium, and the relevance of these classified papers to Biden family’s overseas business.

Hunter Biden lived in an apartment that contained classified documents. Do you think Hunter Biden ever saw or consulted classified documents? Is there DNA or fingerprint testing? If Hunter ever consults these classified documents, it would spell doom for the Biden presidency.

Tenth, Trump was the tenth person to contest documents as a private citizen. Biden is now president, fully aware of his illegal possession and use of classified documents.