The Reason AOC Can’t Stop Obsessing Over Her Twitter Feud With Musk


You might be getting “notice me, senpai” vibes right now from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, New York Congresswoman. It’s probably because AOC’s pride won’t allow her to lose a fight.

You are partially right. You’re partially right. She is full of unearned pride and the personal rage that she feels when losing a fight to a popular capitalist must make her “literally shake.”

It’s more than that. It’s not just a threat to her ego; it’s a threat to her entire career.

AOC decided to fight Chief Twit when he announced that Twitter would charge $8 per month for certain services including a blue check mark. A socialist congresswoman called Musk a “lmao” and claimed that Musk was making free speech expensive. Musk responded by thanking AOC for her input and then laughingly asking for $8.

Musk responded by posting a photo of AOC’s mech shop, where she charges more than $50 for shirts.

AOC launched a series of attacks and defenses against Musk, including the claim that she was unable to view verified accounts that were tweeting at him. None of these made her look good, it’s obvious. She’s doing everything she can against Musk with the backdrop of hypocrisy, and desperation.

Musk’s challenge is why she is so determined to outdo her. AOC’s job is not to be a congresswoman; it’s to be an icon.

AOC’s track record in Congress is not a success story, as I have previously explained. She was elected in a district where a dead rat would vote, but she has done very little since then. She is a failure in the area of bills. She ranks 230 out of 240 in her party’s legislative effectiveness. New York politicians rank dead last.

AOC doesn’t think so, as she was never a legislator or a government official.

Her job is to mobilize the left’s millennial base and encourage ideological loyalty and party loyalty. Her appeal lies in hard-left dynamism, which breathes new life into the “rebellion against man” feeling that the Democrat Party cherishes.

She was successful right from the start of her career. She did indeed capture the hearts and minds of many Americans and built a following that other Democrats can only dream of. They tried. AOC couldn’t blow her nose without Elizabeth Warren and Beto Obama trying to do it the same way. AOC was so imitated by Democrat candidates during the 2020 elections that there was talk of making her VP.

AOC’s glitter began to fade, just like many of the shiny new things Democrats put out to get the base energized. She was unable to get along with fellow Democrats, to the point where she threatened them with retaliation for pushing beyond her ideological boundaries. This made her less popular in Washington. People began to laugh at her hypocrisy and absurd suggestions. Her antics were more embarrassing than inspirational.

AOC’s success is more dependent on her popularity than being effective. Major felonies in her District can rise by a staggering 57 percent since her election. Her main concern is still beating a billionaire on Twitter. Because if she ceases to be a beacon of light for the radical left, then the hard-left takeover by the Democrat Party will collapse. As long as she maintains her popularity and nobody points out that her emperor doesn’t wear clothes, she can keep pushing the idea that socialism is the solution to society’s problems.

Musk’s attacks on her are an attempt to preserve that illusion, but it seems like a losing battle.

It is possible that we are witnessing the end of the AOC age.