The supreme court just sucker punched liberals by granting Trump victory over House Democrats admist impeachment turmoil


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Many people from the far-left would be diagonised with insomnia after seeing this….

The Supreme Court on Monday blocked House Democrats’ attempts to gain access to President Donald Trump’s financial records, at least temporarily, instructing Trump’s lawyers to file a petition by December 5 on why the Supreme Court should take on the case.

“The court’s action signals that, even as Congress considers impeaching Trump, the court will undertake a more complete consideration of the legal powers of Congress and state prosecutors to investigate the president while he is in office,” The Washington Post reported. “The court instructed Trump’s lawyers to file a petition by Dec. 5 stating why it should accept the case for full briefing and oral argument. If the petition is eventually denied, the lower court ruling will go into effect. If accepted, the case likely will be heard this term, with a decision before the court adjourns at the end of June.”

More BREAKING: The Supreme Court on Monday blocked House Democrats from gaining immediate access to Donald Trump’s financial records. Trump’s lawyers now have until Dec. 5 to file a formal petition for a hearing on the case.

— Darren Samuelsohn (@dsamuelsohn) November 25, 2019.

Trump lawyer William Consovoy said in a court filing, “The Court should grant the stay. This is a significant separation-of-powers clash between the President and Congress. The dissenting judges made a compelling case why review is warranted and the decision below is unlikely to survive further review.

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And the Committee now says it will suffer no irreparable harm so long as the Court hears this case ‘on an expedited basis this Term, if it does grant certiorari,’ id. at 2, while Applicants will obviously suffer irreparable harm if a stay is denied. There is simply no basis to deny interim relief and thus end this case before Applicants have the opportunity to file a certiorari petition.

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To that end, Applicants are prepared to proceed on any schedule that the Court deems appropriate should the stay pending certiorari be granted.”

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  1. Great opportunity to show this case is of NO merit, has proven itself to be political manuevering, unjust and reeks of malicious prosecution. This is the second time a false contention is stated but serves as no official Legal Charge, Criminal nor Civil. In America, you must first be charged with a crime or civil violation then you go to Court, the investigation has been done. With this “matter” you have a Political Party who creates a facitious claim of wrongdoing, then Impeachment, then investigate to get records you could not get during the last election. In Muellers’ failed investigation, following the DemSoc Parties, heretofore, M.O., US Citizen’s Tax $$ >$40 million cost to prove a rumor false.

    Dismissal is warranted and admonishment of some DemSoc Party Member’s. The malicious intent must be dealt with as American Citizen’s have and are being taxed for bad and illegal acts. In our Republic, the US system of Government, these DemSoc Party Members are using a page from a Communist book, including the use of a propagandized FakeNews MSM.

    Virginia Sykes, RN BSN
    American Citizen and Taxpayer

  2. Don’t you think that by now the IRS would have found tax fraud on Donald Trump over the years and especially now if the IRS is corrupt to surely they would have brought that out he has never been found with tax fraud this is just a political witch-hunt is all it is and if the supreme Court holds it up to where he has to show his tax records then everybody in Congress and the house must do the same what is good for the goose is good for the gander otherwise it’s just not fair.

  3. The only way to repairJustice and be put back into the justice system starting with the FBI and the CIA is to punish those who broke the trust in the law that would be the way to repair the damage that they have done is to see that they get criminal indictments and pay the price for breaking the law of the land that is the only way to put back the respect for the FBI and the CIA!

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