The UK and Ireland to Crack Down on Citizens in the Name of Climate Change


Americans are rather insular. We tend to think that if something doesn’t happen in the States, it may not be worth talking about. And as a friend from South Africa once told me, “When America sneezes, the world gets a cold.” Of course, that was over 15 years ago and America, like the world, was a very different place. But the truth is that it is worth watching the world, since in many cases, what is going elsewhere on the globe could and probably will have repercussions here. And I’m not just talking about the collapse of Canada.

Let’s start in England, in the county of Oxfordshire. The county council has proposed traffic filtering, which is where Oxford is located. Privately owned vehicles will be banned from certain areas in the city and the surrounding areas, but buses, coaches, and taxis as well as HGVs are allowed to travel anywhere within the city.

  • Making walking and biking more enjoyable and safer.
  • Bus travel is more reliable and efficient.
  • Improved and new bus routes are available
  • Support investment in modern buses
  • Combat climate change, reduce pollution in our communities, and improve the well-being and health of our residents.

In order to recognize the number plates in the filter areas, an automatic number plate recognition camera will be needed. The Daily Fetched published some dissident tweets.

The Emerald Isle intends to take its own actions to combat climate change. This issue will be discussed at Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting.

The Dutch and German governments took steps to harm their farmers in the name of protecting the environment.