The View Co-Hosts Rant About Bill Maher’s Criticism Of The Far-Left


Co-hosts of The View” rant about Bill Maher, HBO comedian,’s comments on the far-left during Thursday’s panel.
In an exclusive interview with Jake Tapper, Maher criticised the removal of the statue of Abraham Lincoln. He also warned about “woke” people who are moving to be more extreme in their ideologies during Tuesday’s exclusive Tuesday interview. According to Maher, the term “woke” is no longer a derogatory term for social injustice but an “eye roll” that refers to being against diversity of ideas.

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host, claimed that the Lincoln statue had to be taken down because it featured a slave at Lincoln’s feet. She then claimed that non-woke people were “asleep” so they had to awaken to their ideology.

Goldberg stated that most of you were asleep. “I’m referring to all people who use the term ‘woken’ all the time. You were all asleep. We never fell asleep. You had to be awake all night. You woke up one morning and realized that there were many women out there doing things they shouldn’t be doing and drag queens everywhere. Oh my god, people who are not white. You talk about snowflakes. Take a look in the mirror. You can’t handle anything. It’s impossible to deal with the opposition from Republicans and Democrats. It’s difficult to understand why people feel the way that they do. You want to get rid everything. Stop calling us snowflakes!

Sunny Hostin, Sunny’s co-host, said Maher should be ashamed for allegedly adopting the term “woke” which she defines as combating social inequity. She compared identity politics to the term “woke” and accused the “far right” of coopting it. 

“He [Maher] compares ‘woke’ to identity politics. He believes that ‘woke’ is a pluralistic concept. Hostin stated that this is not what “woke” meant in the mid-1900s. It’s also not what “woke” meant during Civil Rights Movement. “And I think that he should be ashamed about some of the things he has said regarding ‘wokeness’. College campuses are also ‘woke’ as they talk about diversity, social justice, and inclusion.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, co-host, asked why “wokeness” should encompass diversity of ideas. Hostin responded that this directly correlates with “racism” and “social justice.”

Maher, himself a liberal, has claimed that his politics have remained the same, while his side of the political spectrum has moved further to the left. He criticised college campuses for having college commencements that were only for Hispanic and black students, and for using the black national anthem on a Sept. 13, 2021 episode of “Real Time With Bill Maher.”

He said that the modern Democratic Party “alienated” large swathes of the country by being too focused on race and social justice in 2020. He suggested that the party’s slogan should be “Vote Democrat, white people suck!”