‘The View’ Criticizes Caitlin Clark’s Success as ‘White Privilege,’ but There’s a Flaw in That Argument


Is there any group more destructive to itself than the extreme left? I would say no, and that the reaction of the WNBA to Caitlin’s setting it on fire is proof.

The View, which aired on Thursday, was a perfect example of this. Sonny Hostin, the host of the show, explained to her why Clark was so popular. It’s not due to anything that happened on the court. It’s more because Clark isn’t gay and has “white privilege”.

“I think there’s a thing we call pretty privilege. White privilege is real. We have to admit that there is something called white privilege. Hostin said that the WNBA wouldn’t pay Griner.

Clark’s looks are not a thing that the majority of Americans find attractive. I don’t mean to be disrespectful. Hostin claims that her popularity stems from her physical appearance. I don’t agree. I don’t see any evidence for that and there have certainly been WNBA stars who were “pretty”.

Let’s discuss the “white privilige” argument. If Michael Jordan, Lebron, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille o’Neal were black, nobody would have known their names. There’s a lot of racism in basketball fandom.

Clark’s popularity is a simple result of her being entertaining to watch. Brittney Griner, on the other hand, isn’t (she can be obnoxious and people don’t like that). This has been a problem with the WNBA for a very long time. It’s just a bad product. Clark has at least temporarily changed this in regards to the games that she plays. I am not sure if the hype is sustainable as it takes many players to make a league popular. Her success, however, has nothing to do with her being white.

Caitlin will bring this money and these sponsorships to the league, which we hope will help other players. Hostin stated that Clark is more relatable because she is White and attractive.

Hostin is he suggesting that all WNBA players before Clark were lesbians and that “stigmatization of the LGBTQ+ community kept ratings down? That makes no sense. I know there are more straight women in the WNBA than in other sports.

But I’ll say this. Hostin is closer to the truth when she says Clark is relatable. It’s true that Clark is popular because she is entertaining to watch. But there is also something to say about her not being a political ideologue. Griner kneeled for the National Anthem every year until her arrest in Russia. She then decided that the song “hits differently.” Clark, on the other hand, offers a way for those who want to enjoy basketball without being bombarded with left-wing messages.

Hostin’s and other peoples’ actions are incredibly destructive. Clark was a WNBA player who earned McDonald’s wage and flew coach before Clark joined the league. This wasn’t due to racism. The league made no money and was bailed out by the NBA every year. Clark, for the time being, has changed this calculus. Anyone who supported the WNBA in the past should be ecstatic. Why ruin it over a phony racial grievance.