The WEF’s Agenda for 2023: A World of Climate Catastrophe, Government Control, and Digital Currency


The insidious World Economic Forum (WEF) Summer Conference in China is over. It was a celebration of the globalist elite’s most radical and anti-freedom ideas.

This summer’s conference, the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, was explicitly authoritarian. It is not surprising, given that it was held in China under the rule of the ultra-authoritarian Chinese Communist Party, which has been responsible for mass murders.

The WEF conference pandered to the CCP, including featuring the titular CCP head of government, Premier Li Qiang, as an opening speaker. Listening to WEF’s Klaus Schwab describe Li Qiang, one would think the latter a champion of innovation and rights instead of a top official of the most murderous government in history. Who cares about Uyghurs or religious and political dissidents? WEF is focused on building a world where you “own nothing, have no privacy, and enjoy it.” And the CCP is certainly an expert on that.

WEF published a report as part of AMNC on Central Bank Digital Currencies. WEF had previously outlined its plan for a social credit score similar to China, which would be a digital identity tied to money. A digital ID is required for many activities, including voting, healthcare, insurance, travel, purchasing, and using electronic devices. On Twitter, did you refer to a man as “he” rather than “she?” Attended an event that was not sanctioned by the government You can’t go shopping or get healthcare. The new summary

Exploration of central bank digital currency (CBDC), has gathered significant momentum around the world. Over 100 countries are actively involved in CBDC development and research. CBDCs are increasingly recognized as transformative tools for the future of electronic payments. Global coordination is essential to ensure interoperability and ensure successful implementation.

Wait until you are denied a life-saving operation or a plane ticket for arguing with the government over Facebook. It’s already the case in China, AMNC’s host country. Joanna Bryson, “Professor of Ethics and Technology at the Hertie School” may have been elated that “populism”, as she called it, had supposedly decreased globally during COVID-19. (Except in the U.S.) According to her, people must trust that their governments are benevolent dispensers.

AMNC has a strong focus on “green” energy that is toxic and inefficient. This woke climate narrative was carried throughout AMNC. Lubomir Vabanov, Swiss Re’s Managing Director, wants a “global standard for sustainability reporting” because this time after 50 years, climate alarmists have finally been right about the impending catastrophe. WEF claimed that China was making “a giant step towards decarbonization” even though China, the largest polluter in the world, is increasing its coal mining.

The panel on artificial intelligence (AI) provided a number of examples that showed exactly why the WEF and its conference are so harmful. Liu Jiren, Chairman of Neusoft Corporation in China, laughed: “China is great because the government owns most hospitals.” The CCP, for example, can force hospitals to use AI. Why would the CCP’s state ownership, which is the world’s largest mass murderer be positive? Olaf Groth of the University of California Berkeley, the moderator of the panel, agreed that “Yes, government mandates are the first step.”

Joanna Bryson, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, praised the decline in populism worldwide during the COVID-19 epidemic except for the United States as a positive development. She admitted that the government must “benefit” its citizens or they will “find out.” (How dare they!) She added excitedly, “Do You Know, during the Pandemic, Populism actually dropped in all countries–except for the U.S. For some reason, but by and large, people could see their governments doing something…there is a huge problem, the Government is helping me.”

Oh, yes. So helpful. Lockdowns caused more harm than benefit. We had vaccines that didn’t stop COVID from spreading and caused all sorts of severe and deadly conditions. Masking caused children to lose at least one year of education and may have resulted in permanent developmental delays. What a great government achievement! Bryson announced with joy that “the governments do things for us.”

Olaf Groth of the University of California Berkeley, who moderated this panel, asked Neusoft Corporation chairman Liu Jiren how AI can be implemented in healthcare by using China’s example. Groth’s conclusion, after Jiren replied, was that the government must work directly with doctors.

China uses AI to target and monitor people. The healthcare system in China is a socialist mess. That’s predictable–government should stay out of healthcare. Groth disagrees. He wants to see the rest of the world have medical AI mandated by the government, just as China does.

Groth said later, “Not everyone is as advanced on this issue as Rwanda or China…it’s an example of a shining country, Rwanda.” As advanced two countries with corrupted dictators? As advanced as top-down tyranny? As advanced as a country that has arguably the worst surveillance and censorship regime in the entire world (CCP). Bryson also explained condescendingly that the U.S. should not be concerned about digital “compliance with the government” because it “helps” industries like the banking sector.

It’s not surprising that Americans don’t trust our government as the “solution” for AI problems, given how government collusion has suppressed free speech on the internet and how it is used to weaponize political opponents.

WEF wants a world in which you cannot even buy groceries or cook without the approval of government officials, or receive direct government assistance. They want to make the world like the nightmare dictatorship of China under the CCP. AMNC has shown this so clearly.