This is sadly America” President Trump poisoned-Whitehouse sources

Trump poisoned

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This is where we at now in America,sadly…..

Trump poisoned


Jones just said his WH sources tell him that the reason behind Trump’s visit to to Walter Reed was over concerns that a slow acting poison may have been administered to Trump. This is a time activated poison

that would give them time to clean up food, dishes, etc, so they have a lead time. Apparently one of his Secret Service food tasters (how sad that we’re at that point) became very sick from some substance in the food.

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This is why he sends people out to get food at various restaurants – because

of poisoning concerns. Jones says they don’t want to shoot him or assassinate him openly because they don’t want to make him a martyr. They want to poison or drug him so they can activate the 25th amendment.

Apparently there have been many attempts on his life and Jones says that a young Secret Service agent died in Scotland from something similar to cyanide poisoning. The agent was apparently very fit, and served as a food taster – had a stroke and dropped dead.

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This is where we’re at people,impeach him or kill him…..

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  1. Prayers for Trump. If it is the case, hope the culprits are nailed. Anxiously waiting to hear Trump is ok. Prayers for his taster also. Evil world.

  2. Evil hate president Trump because he works for God and announces Jerusalem belongs to Israel. One of the conditions for Jesus to come back and put satan in prison. This is why evil merchants Soros and Democrats attacks President like crazy haters. God bless President Trump and protect him

  3. Consider all the pay of the Democrats that have done nothing all their airfare Russian thing and Congress has impeachment BS. I hope our Presidents okay

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