Threads ‘Desperately Backpedals’ After Censoring Donald Trump Jr.


As I reported a few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg is trying to undermine Twitter with “Threads”, Meta’s poor imitation of Twitter.

Musk has already warned of legal action saying that “Competition, cheating and deception is unacceptable.” Alex Spiro, his lawyer, sent Zuckerberg a cease and desist letter accusing Meta of misappropriating Twitter trade secrets and intellectual property.

Threads is criticized for its censorship, and that it collects user information. It’s a dumpster fire.

They were allegedly nuking threads that they didn’t like, such as about the cocaine found at the White House, or that men have penises and women have vaginas.

Donald Trump Jr. is one of the people who was immediately censored.

Trump Jr. Tweeted about it.

He said “Threads has not had a great start.” “Hey Instagram! Threads is verbal. If your influencers can’t formulate a phrase ….IMHO you may want to reconsider cutting them off. ”

Andy Stone, head of Meta’s communication, responded on Twitter with a funny comment: “This mistake shouldn’t have happened.” ” It’s fixed. ”

They are likely to be reversing their decision, as the censorship of Trump Jr. attracted a lot of attention.

It is impossible to appeal such censorship via Twitter.

The public does not believe Stone when he claims it was “an error”, because other conservatives, including Trump Jr., were also immediately censored.

Facebook Threads already censor Conservative voices on their platforms. It asks users if disinformation is a good reason to follow conservatives,” tweets conservative commentator Darren Grimes. ”

Benny Johnson is a conservative blogger who tweeted: “Imagine switching from Twitter — the platform with the highest level of freedom of speech on the Internet, and which belongs to one of the greatest defenders of free speech in the United States — to Threads — a brand new app that already began censoring Conservatives within the first 24 hours. ”

Another right-leaning social media known as “DC_Draino” tweeted: “Just downloaded and signed up for the new Meta app ‘Threads’ meant to imitate Twitter.”

“I have already been flagged as a target for censorship because I posted that I wanted to expose Biden’s corrupt government…Great Platform Zuck. ”

Why would anyone at this point leave Twitter for Threads, unless perhaps they wanted to live in a liberal echo chamber where anything other than the approved narrative was suppressed? Why would you run to a platform that is admitting up front that they are going to data mine you? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.