Thug With Over 40 Arrests Beats Up NYC Transit Worker, Officials Push Bail Reform Changes


Alexander Wright has more than 40 arrests on his records. His lengthy rap sheet and the severity of his violent crimes apparently aren’t enough to keep him in jail and prevent him from hurting more people.

Wright, for sucker-punching and knocking out a 55-year-old Asian woman in New York City’s Chinatown last year was charged with a felony hate offense.

Wright was reportedly walking free in August after he allegedly beat up a Bronx cleaner trying to assist riders he was harassing. Fox News reported that Anthony Nelson, the victim, had a dislocated nasal and broken collarbone.

Wright, 49, was arrested on Sept. 22 for felony assault and was to remain on Rikers Island with $5,000 bail.

This Must Stop

On Monday, a New York City transit union official spoke out against New York’s controversial bail reform law. Many believe it makes it easier for dangerous criminals such as Wright to avoid jail and accumulate more victims.

“Once more, this must stop.” Robert Kelley, Transport Union Vice President, stated that the new bail reform needs to be altered. He spoke to Todd Piro. “This guy shouldn’t have been allowed to be privileged even under the new bail reform, in terms of his being free. You would expect that after 40 beatings they would lock him up and toss the key away.

Kelley said that Nelson has also been experiencing emotional fallout from the attack and that Nelson’s mother “cries every single day; I talk with her on a weekly basis.”

He said that Nelson was “clearly a hero” in trying to help subway riders, but that Wright’s free-roaming is “very disheartening.”

Kelley stated to Fox News that “I never imagined I’d say it, but at the final moment, the MTA employees are more dangerous than the NYPD,” Kelley said. “At least the NYPD officers have weapons to protect themselves…our members don’t.”

Anything Else?

According to the New York Post, Wright allegedly attacked two Manhattan traffic officers with scalding coffee a month after his hate-crime punch.

According to the Post, Wright was living in a shelter for homeless people and had previously been the subject of three reports on an “emotionally disturbed individual”.

According to the newspaper, he is due back at court on Nov. 3 for the Nelson attack.