Tim Scott Says Education Is The Great Equalizer In The Country


    Recently, Sen. Tim Scott emphasized the importance of education in shaping America’s future. Scott believes education is the “great equalizer” in America. He cited Virginia’s 2021 elections as an example of this. Scott said it was “one the greatest victories we’ve witnessed in the past 20 years.”

    Scott stated that there is no doubt that education will be part of my campaign. Education is, in my view, the greatest equalizer in this country. He stated that you are referring to a new year that offers new opportunities. We want to ensure that parents have more control over the education of their children so that they can achieve greater success in life. We should be proud of our country’s achievements in many areas. We can change the fabric of the country by making progress in education. That was what we saw in Virginia.

    Scott said that Virginia’s parent involvement in politics led to one the most significant victories in 20 years. Parents being involved in education means that it is front-of-mind across the country. This is good news for all those who believe the best is yet ahead for our nation.