Time Magazine Promotes Trans-The-Gay-Away Child


    Time Magazine has chosen a boy to be “Kid of the year” due to his public advocacy of transgenderism. This is even though the boy’s mother did not convert the boy’s feminine character to make him more masculine.
    The magazine published a January 12 report about Kai Shappley.

    Since her fifth grade, the 5-year-old has been speaking out and calling for transgender equality for years. She has traveled across the country speaking at rallies in support of LGBTQ rights with her mother. She has worked with the ACLU to support transgender rights. She has met with national legislators to encourage them to pass Equality Act which would prohibit discrimination based on… gender identity.

    Natasha Chart, an activist who believes that transgender ideology undermines women’s legal and cultural rights, responded: “Time Magazine and all other magazines are endorsing trans-the-gay-away process.” Instead of accepting a female boy who could grow up gay or lesbian, they are using the transgender claim that “trans-the–gay-away” to transform their embarrassed son into an easy-going daughter.

    This is not the right way to stand up for your children. This is a way to switch one group of bullies for another. This is “I’m embarrassed not to bring my [feminine] child to church, so instead I’m going with a bunch bullies who think that my little boy [should] be] a girl.”

    Shappley’s mother, Mary Shappley, admitted to beating Shappley at an early age because she was afraid he would become gay. She told the ACLU video team in 2018:

    Even before Kai was three years old, I thought, “I think this child might be gay.” I didn’t believe that it could happen. We began praying intensely. We began praying fervently. Spanking her for acting like a girl, for stealing girl toys and for being rude.

    The Huffington Post published this 2017 description of the mother’s incentives to the boy.

    “I was very worried, because I was at the time leading a small ministry at church and teaching Bible Study, and now I have this kid, who people in my household were flat asking me if he was gay.”

    Then she was connected to a secret Facebook Group of over 1000 moms who were raising transgender children. Because so many people lose their friends and family when they accept their children, the women refer to themselves as “mama bears” or “tribes”.

    Alix Aharon (a child safety advocate and member of Women’s Liberation Front) said, “All of sudden, everything is better because Jack really Jackie.” It’s not a gay boy or a sissy! Society won’t shake your hand and tell you, “Well done, sissy boy!” But if you claim you have a transgender woman, it’s a parade! You get all the attention of wider society.

    Time will announce the “Kid of the year” on February 9 in a coproduction with Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is a television network that focuses on children.

    The top five list honorees will be featured in a special TV program hosted by Trevor Noah. One kid will ultimately be named “Kids of the Year” and featured as a cover story in Time for Kids.

    Aharon stated, “Traditionally, if someone didn’t like their homosexual child, they would tell them to leave the home. They wouldn’t castrate them.” She continued:

    Accepting that your child is gay or does not conform to the norm can be difficult. It is better for your child and your family to accept it than to encourage them on a dangerous journey that involves cross-sex hormones, puberty blocking, and surgery that causes damage to their healthy genitals.

    Chart stated, “This is your child, you’re supposed be their first defender.” No matter if they are girls or boys, “you need to defend them against bullying from others.” Chart said, “You should stand up and say, “Well, hey, this is just like [the] child’s] personality.”

    Aharon stated that a surprising number of gays support this “trams the-gayaway” process.

    It is quite amazing to me that famous gay men support Kai [Shappley]’s idea of Jazz Jennings [going though this process]. Because they don’t see themselves in the whole story. Elton John is a great example of this. He can be in his 60s and still have his intact penis. Then he can watch this… Do you not feel empathy for your childhood and how this ended?

    Research shows that nearly 9 out of 10 children who claim to be different sexes soon find their own.

    Aharon stated that young boys may exhibit a lot of feminine behavior. She said that young boys will often wear the clothes of their mothers because they love them. This is often a sign that boys are very close to their mothers.

    Also, girls are being transsubstantiated into boys from their female counterparts, particularly those who are traumatized by puberty, unwanted sexual attention, and aggressive porn-watching males.

    Girls are inadvertently forced to show their sexuality by porn — but transgender ideology allows them escape this pressure by declaring that they are “non-binary” females. She said that the “dangerous dichotomy” facing young girls today is to either hypersexualize, or de-sex all together. Noting that many girls are willing to pay money for breast surgery, she added.

    Andrew Sullivan, author of January 14, wrote that the transgender ideology does not aim to help troubled children or minorities.

    The trans movement’s current work is not about rights. It’s about a cultural revolution. It is a wider movement to abolish the sex binary and to view biology as a function of science and power, and thus to deconstruct the family, even a fixed category like homosexuality. The radicalism of this attack on nature, science, and bodily integrity cannot be hidden. This view of the body goes beyond sex and gender and allows for the creation and destruction of any sex notion. It is not a matter of civil rights, regardless of what else it may be.

    Transgender activism is multifaceted with different goals and priorities.

    This movement is made up of heterosexual, autogynephilic males who demand sex from lesbians. It also includes non-political people who try to live according to idealized stereotypes about the opposite sex and pre-pubescent children who have childish views on sexuality.

    This includes young, disillusioned men fantasizing about becoming submissive women, lesbians attempting to be men, teenage girls fleeing a pornographic sexual environment, and gay teens trying to escape their minority status through an attempt at a mainstream male identity.

    This includes feminists who want to blur the lines between the sexes, and those who glorify the differences between the complementary sexes.

    Transgender environments also include revenue-seeking drug and medical service providers, wealthy donors and ambitious politicians.

    This includes transgender rights activists and progressives who want to free people from their bodies. Parents who are willing or able to support transgender claims are also included. Journalists are eager to help their peers.

    This movement is being increasingly opposed by the public, young people who want to “de-transition back to sex”, parents trying to protect their children from transgender activists and liberal and conservative critics.