Toddler of Country Star Urgently Taken to Emergency Room Following Facial Dog Bite


Morgan Wallen’s 2-year-old son was taken to the hospital immediately after suffering a dog bite.

Indigo, Wallen’s son, whom he shares with ex-fiancee KT Smith, received injuries and stitches after being brutally attacked by Smith’s dog.

Smith posted a series of emotional videos on Monday and explained what had happened to her son.

“Yesterday, he bit Indigo in the face and [Indigo] had to have stitches … we spent yesterday morning at the emergency room,” she began.

The social media influencer from Nashville noted that last year she adopted a Great Pyrenees dog named Legend.

After Wallen and Smith’s son was hurt, many fans suggested that it would be the right thing to euthanize this dog.

She refused to bring her dog to a kill shelter and said that other shelters are full.

Desperately looking for other solutions, Smith asked fans for help through her social media.

She continued, “Since that time, we’ve been searching for alternatives and I couldn’t bring myself to follow what everyone else said and what they’re supposed to do. Apparently, what the world says is to put down the dog because it’s aggressive.”

Smith said that her rescue dog may have been traumatized in the past, which could explain the aggressive behavior.

She refused to take her dog to an animal shelter that kills animals and claimed other shelters were full.

Smith, desperate to find other solutions, asked her fans for help on social media.

She gave fans an update a few hours later and was able to give Legend to a loving family.

Smith revealed, “We have just delivered Legend to the most wonderful family who will help him live out his potential and enjoy a happy life on a small farm.”

“I could not have asked for a better family to love on him, and they are East Tennesseans so we can visit whenever we want to.”

The Nashville influencer also shared the negative comments that she received following her emotional plea.

She shared a screenshot from a message which read: “OK, you care more for the dog than your child? What’s wrong with you?

Smith called this comment ignorant and said that she would block similar comments in the future.

She said, “To be a mother is to put your child’s needs first and then find your dog a place away from you before they return home.”

“To be a ‘dog mom’ is to find the perfect home for your dog, knowing that it can thrive in a place that is designed for dogs without children.”

After doctors cleared Smith and Wallen to perform again, the news that their son was hospitalized came.

The singer of “Last Night”, canceled six weeks’ worth of shows earlier this month due to a vocal cord injury.

The “Chasing You” crooner shared on his Instagram story of him relaxing on a boat with the caption, “Also, the doc cleared me to talk and sing.. we back.”