Top L.A. Democrat Resigns After Comparing Black Child To Monkey In Leaked Racist Audio


Nury Martinez, a Democrat, resigned Monday as President of the Los Angeles City Council. This was one day after a leaked audio recording that contained racial remarks was made.

Martinez released a statement about her resignation as council president. However, she will still be a member of the council.

“I accept responsibility for the comments I made and there are no excuses.” She said, “I’m sorry.”

After being caught on tape making racist remarks about Councilmember Mike Bonin (a gay white man) and his adopted son, Kevin de Leon, Martinez faced protests and calls to resign. Ron Herrera, President of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor was also present. Redistricting, which occurs once every ten years, was the main focus of the meeting.

“I deeply apologize to all those I have hurt by my words. This includes my colleagues, their families, and especially Mike, Sean, and your son. I’m sorry for my actions as a mother.” “This is my fault.” She said, “I’m sorry to your whole family for putting this through you.”

Martinez called Bonin’s son “Parece Changuito” or “He’s a monkey” shortly after they had spoken. Later, she referred to Bonin by the name “little b ****” and stated that he was raising his child-like “little white kids.”

Martinez admitted that her actions were not in line with her goal of empowering communities of color.

She said, “As someone who believes strongly in the empowerment of communities of color,” she added. “Reconciliation will be my priority going forward.” “To heal, I have spoken to my Black colleagues and leaders to convey my regret.”

Martinez made a comment about George Gascon, Los Angeles County District Attorney after he was named.

“F*** that guy,” Martinez said. “He’s with the blacks.”

Bonin released a statement Sunday urging the City Council to remove Martinez from office.

Bonin posted a statement via Twitter saying that she was shocked, disgusted, and angry at Nury Martinez’s attack on our son. She used horrific racist slurs and spoke about her desire to physically harm his body. It’s disgusting, horrible, and disgraceful.

De Leon also apologized on Sunday for his comments.

“There were some comments made during the meeting that were wholly inappropriate. I am sorry for appearing to condone or even contribute to insensitive comments about a colleague’s family and friends in private. He said that he had spoken to the colleague. “I fell short of the expectations set for my leaders on that day — and I will hold myself accountable to a higher standard.”