Tragic Betrayal: Georgia Mom’s Heartbreaking Decision Ends in Murder-Suicide for Her 3 ‘Little Angels’


Police believe the ex-boyfriend Jose Plasencia of mother Arianny Rodriguez killed Carlos Rodriguez, Chadal Rodriguez, and Chadal Rodriguez in a murder-suicide.

A Georgia mother mourns the violent deaths of her three children, aged 9, 11, and 13, who were found dead in a Gwinnett County park, Ga. around 1 am on Wednesday.

Gwinnett County Police released a statement Wednesday stating that Arianny Arias Rodriguez (13), Carlos Michelle Rodriguez (9), and Chadal Rodriguez (11) were all found dead in a car along with the suspect shooter. Authorities believe this was a murder/suicide.

Jose Plasencia (56), the former partner of the mother of the children, has been identified as the suspect shooter by police.

According to Gwinnett County Police, at the time of the violence, Karina Rodriquez was in a hospital for a separate injury with another of her children. Plasencia is the father of that child.

Plasencia reportedly met the four children, their mother, and their father earlier at the hospital.

Police say that Karina had agreed to “let the three children” go with Plasencia for food at one point. It was not immediately clear how long Plasencia had the children.

In an earlier version, the police stated that an officer was on patrol in the area when he came across a vehicle he considered to be “suspicious” along the walking path at Lucky Shoals Park. The four bodies were found inside the vehicle.

The police are awaiting confirmation by the medical examiner.

Karina wrote in a GoFundMe post that followed the murders: “My heart breaks by the tragic death of my three angels.”

She said that she was raising money to bury the children in the Dominican Republic, her native country.

“I am devastated with my heart in pieces, my world was my children and I was mother and father to them so that they never lacked anything,” Karina wrote, “and they took the lives of my little angels from me.”