Trans Prisoner Who Stalked 13-Year-Old Girl Transferred to Women’s Prison


One of the most violent inmates of Scotland’s prison system was moved to a women’s prison on orders from Scotland’s government. This was despite numerous relocation requests being denied.

Tiffany Scot, AKA Andrew Burns, was convicted in 2013 after admitting to stalking a 13-year-old girl by sending letters from the cell. Scott was subject to an order for lifelong restriction (OLR), meaning he will only be released when he is no longer considered an “unmanageable risk to public safety.”

Scott was involved with attacks on female guards and male inmates, as well as a nurse. The Scottish authorities believe that Scott should not be denied incarceration at a female prison.


In 2017, Falkirk Sheriff’s Court was closed due to safety concerns. Scott was sentenced to a string of violent incidents at Glenochil Prison in Clackmannanshire.

This included hitting a nurse in prison with a hurled chair and punching an officer.

She also spread excrement throughout her cell, tore out an arm drip needle, and tore up “tearproof clothing”.

Nicola Sturgeon was Scotland’s First Minister and tried to pass a “gender recognition law” earlier in the month. The bill was stopped by the UK government in an unusual move.

Rachael, a spokesperson for the Scottish Conservative equality, stated that although Nicola Sturgeon tried to reassure the Scottish people repeatedly that the Scottish Prison Service would protect women from predatory men, it is clear that the process is not up to the task if the dangerous offender is transferred to a women’s prison.

However last week, Isla Bryson, a transgender woman, and convicted rapist was allowed to be housed in an all-women jail. It is clear that the first minister was determined to make a point about gender that she would put at risk the safety of women to do so.

Fox News:

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reversed the decision. This happened after Bryson was convicted of raping two women in 2016 and 2019, though she was still known as Adam Graham.

According to The Guardian Bryson was transferred to Cornton Vale (an all-women prison) shortly before Tuesday’s sentencing. She was then kept in segregation until Sturgeon intervened.

What universe do Sturgeon and other trans fanatics inhabit, in which putting a rapist with a penis in a prison with females with vaginas is not unusual and is perfectly normal and safe?

Yet opposing this madness or commenting negatively about it can get me canceled.