Trans Teacher in Canada with Enormous Breast Implants Placed on Paid Leave


Canada’s Z-cup-wearing trans teacher was put on leave after he didn’t wear his fake boobs enough. This is real news. This may also be the 21st century’s most infamous scam. As we dive into the details of this remarkable story, please bear with me.

According to the Daily Mail, Kerry “Kayla,” a shop teacher, has been “finally suspended from her Canadian School after photos showed her in men’s clothes, proving that she doesn’t wear provocative attire all of the time.” His offensive appearance last year, including large, protruding breasts and tight clothing, earned him infamy.

Since the beginning, there has been speculation that Lemieux was “gaming the system”, but that he isn’t trans.

Now he’s trying to take advantage of the clown world that the school and society created. His long game will most likely result in him being fired and then sued for discrimination. There is no other explanation. It is a great way to troll the clown world and caricature a woman.

Since then, Lemieux has been photographed looking normal while out of school. DM quoted one of his neighbors as saying that Lemieux wears prosthetic breasts very rarely and that he only puts the breasts on when he walks or when cops come to visit.

An insurance company will send a private investigator to follow the victim around if they suspect he is trying to fake his neck injury in order to get a judge to approve a large settlement. They can use this evidence against the victim if he doesn’t wear his neck brace or joins his children on the trampoline.

We need our neighbors to have smartphones so we can check if the con artist is a fake woman with huge melons. For adopting a persona that, according to Canadian law, makes you basically un-fireable, one type of con is getting yourself put on paid leave.

Lemieux persists in his absurd claim despite photo evidence to the contrary. Two weeks ago, Lemieux insisted that he was not wearing prosthetic breasts to the New York Post. These photos are real.

Lemieux is yet to provide any medical evidence to support his “condition”, but he says that he believes — and my doctor believes — that because I have XXX chromosomes, it has something to do with, and hormone sensitivity has caused it.

That must have been someone else. “I can’t give you the identity of that person because I don’t want anyone else to do this.” It wasn’t me, I don’t want it to be all over the media.

Lemieux’s Z cups are brimming with chutzpah.