Transgender Teen Chloe Cole Testifies About Regretting the Transition


Chloe Cole began reading posts about trans activism on Instagram at the age of 11. At 12 years old, she decided that she was transgender. When she was 14, Chloe began taking testosterone and puberty blocks. Chloe’s mom gave her the injections. Within two years, she would undergo a double mastectomy. At 17 years old, she wants to be herself again and opposes letting kids transition. Needless to state, lefties are crazy.

The Leftists fight fervently for young transgender teens’ rights to change from one sex or the other. This is despite the fact that 82% of transgender teens consider suicide and 40% of them will attempt it.

Cole was present in court to protest California bill SB107. This would have allowed children from other states to travel to California for transition purposes. California is now a “sanctuary” state for these kids.

Chloe’s testimony reveals that doctors kept asking her parents to let her transition. They also threatened their daughter with suicide if she didn’t.

Leftists have attacked Chloe because she wants to be the real Chloe.

Anyone paying attention to the backlash won’t be surprised.

Dave Chappelle was opened by Daphne Dorman, a transgender comedian. The trans attack brigade bullied Dorman after Dorman defended Chapelle who the trans crowd had come to hate. Dorman then committed suicide. Chappelle discusses the subject in his Netflix special The Closer.

Leftists salivate over the idea of young teens choosing to surgically or medicinally transform their bodies into another sex. They are quick to attack anyone who isn’t in agreement with their madness.

Cole testified recently in Florida against the use of Medicaid money to help teens “transition” into the other sex.

Cole stated that she didn’t “understand” the consequences of her actions.

She stated that she didn’t fully understand the implications of the medical decisions she made. “Unknowingly, I was physically cutting off my true self. It was irreversible and painfully.”

Cole told Fox News that he would not allow his children to be transitioned. If you’re considering transitioning, wait until you are fully grown. You may experience physical and mental damage from transitioning.