Tray of Undelivered 2020 Mail-in Ballots Discovered in Baltimore Postal Facility


A Baltimore postal facility found a tray containing mail-in ballots missing from the 2020 general election.

Let me start by telling you the good news. These were blank outgoing ballots, which were sent to the voters who requested them. These were blank outgoing ballots that were never completed and therefore were not counted.

This discovery highlights the dangers associated with mail-in voting. WMAR Reports:

Prioritizing mail-in ballots is important, but for a block of Southeast Baltimore, they arrived nearly two years after the delivery time.

Nick Frisone stated, “I received my 2020 General Election Ballot on August 6, 2022.” Shortly after receiving his ballot, he contacted WMAR-2 News. He was also greeted by Highlandtown neighbors.

Frisone knew that his ballot was missing. Frisone received an informed delivery email on September 29, 2020, advising that his ballot would be delivered that day.

Frisone stated, “And then it just didn’t come.” “The Board of Elections called me, and I then had to go in person to find a replacement. ”

Informed Delivery helped Frisone to identify the problem and fix it

A third of primary election votes were cast by mail-in ballots. This shows that voters don’t want to wait and risk it.

“It’s supposed to be easy to vote this way, but when the post office misplaces them, we can’t,” said Frisone.

Sofastaii asked him if he believed he would ever go back to mail-in voting. ”

Frisone replied, “Probably not”.

Idealistically this is the attitude most voters will adopt.

According To The Federalist, this story isn’t the only one about election-related mail issues.

Two years ago, the USPS conducted an audit of election mail and found that 68,000 pieces for Baltimore’s primary election were undeliverable for five consecutive days. Most campaign emails were not sent to Marylanders until they had cast their votes.

Incumbent Democratic Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young was fifth in primary. Young suggested that Young might not have won a lot of voters because of late mail.

Maryland Democrats claimed two months later that Donald Trump’s USPS deliberately slowed mail delivery to try and undermine the November election.

The latest incident was reported by USPS spokesperson Tom Oulette to WMAR’s inquiry via the following e-mail address:

“Regarding ballots photographed using a customer’s email, the Postal Service discovered a tray of undeliverable postal mail in a Baltimore facility on Friday, August 5. These mailpieces were sent from the Baltimore City Board of Election to Baltimore ZIP Codes”.

The Postal Service is deeply sorry for the late delivery of these mailpieces. To avoid any future problems, we will discuss our processes and procedures with all employees. The U.S. Postal Service is committed to timely and secure delivery of Election Mail. We look forward to a smooth November election.

Armstead James, Baltimore City Election Director stated that the issue was brought to their attention by the voters, not the USPS.