Trump Loyalty Falters: Haley Questions Constitution Adherence


Trump dominates the GOP primary. Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley questioned whether former President Trump would follow the Constitution if elected again and refused to say whether she would support him in the general election.

Haley replied “I don’t know” when asked on Sunday’s NBC “Meet the Press” if she thought Trump would adhere to the Constitution if he were elected. “When you go out and talk about revenge. You know, vindication, when you go out and talk about it. “I don’t understand what it means, and only he can answer that.”

Haley has failed to gain any traction with voters despite being the last remaining candidate in the GOP field. Trump has dominated the GOP primary races so far and currently has 10 times more delegates than Haley. Haley has pledged to remain in the race.

Haley made the promise despite losing her home state, South Carolina, last month. Instead of focusing on Super Tuesday (March 5), the candidate is looking forward to the more than 880 delegates that will be up for grabs on the most important day of the primary season.

Haley is also expected to pick up votes in Washington, D.C., where the GOP primary is being held this weekend over three days. Trump came in third place in the district when he last ran in the 2016 primaries.

Trump was removed from the Illinois primary ballot. Former President Trump speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Oxon Hill, Maryland on February 24, 2024.

Haley, the former South Carolina Governor, was asked if she would support Trump if he won the GOP nomination. Despite an earlier promise, Haley refused to say.

“If you speak of an endorsement, then you are talking about a defeat, I don’t.” Haley was asked if an RNC pledge that she would support the nominee made her feel obligated to do so. “What I can say is that I do not think Donald Trump or Joe Biden are the right candidates for president, I don’t believe we need two candidates who are in their 80s.” “I think people are looking for a new generational leadership that will bring back the American Dream, what we hope for our children and a country that we can once again be proud of.”

Nikki Haley hosts a rally in Conway, South Carolina, before the Palmetto State’s primary on Jan. 28, 2024.

Haley was pressed further about her previous pledge and said that she would “make the decision I want” in regards to endorsing former President Obama.

Haley stated, “I don’t think about what-ifs.” “I think about how we can continue the discussion.”