Trump Plays Nice About Potential 2024 Showdown With DeSantis, Will It Last?


It is clear that the race for the Republican nomination for president in 2024 is well underway.

Let’s just pray that the wheels don’t come off before it’s done.

Although all eyes have been on Donald Trump’s 2020 election disaster and its even more devastating aftermath, many eyes are now also on Ron DeSantis (famous Florida governor), who, unlike Mike Pompeo (possible candidate for the US Senate), is said to maintain a good relationship with the former president.

The question is: What will the relationship of Trump and Ron, as Trump recently called DeSantis, look like?

Dexter Filkin, a columnist for New Yorker, wrote that DeSantis could replace Donald Trump as the GOP’s Combatant in Chief. He said that DeSantis was “a fervent opponent to mask mandates and “woke” ideology. But, Filkin is correct. More importantly, it seems that DeSantis cannot control a growing number of Republican voters. It would be a grave mistake to believe that Trump or his circle doesn’t care about that reality. What does Trump really think?

Trump told The New Yorker that he is not at all concerned about DeSantis entering the race and that he has not even spoken to the governor about it.

I don’t know Ron’s plans to run, so I won’t ask him. It is his right. I believe I would win.

Very friendly. Trump was also very brief. Surprisingly, so. However, I am skeptical. Trump had already attacked nearly every candidate in the Republican Party primaries in 2016 with personal attacks. It would be foolish to believe that it would be different if Trump’s fellow candidates joined him in the 2024 race.

According to The New Yorker Trump associates have already tried to stop a DeSantis bid.

More information is available at The New York Post

Trump and DeSantis are widely considered to be the top contenders for the Republican nomination in 2024. The report stated that Trump claimed to have a very good relationship with the governor and that he added that he was proud of Ron.

The New Yorker reported that Trump is becoming more resentful toward DeSantis, as DeSantis’ popularity in Republican circles grows.

According to the magazine, a political leader speaking to DeSantis said that he wouldn’t kiss the ring.

DeSantis’s departure from Trump’s influence seems to be the main source of tension, as evidenced by DeSantis’s declining visits to Mar-a-Lago in the years since Trump’s 2020 election.

According to a lawyer who knows Trump well, DeSantis will tell you that he is doing all he can to help the president. This would be believable, according to The New Yorker. But Trump believed DeSantis was trying to distance himself from him after Trump lost the 2020 election. The New York Post reported that Trump invited DeSantis onstage to join him at the July 2021 Sarasota rally. He would show. The New Yorker was told by a former Republican congressman:

Alarm bells were ringing. Will DeSantis make an appearance? Ron did not want to be on stage alongside Trump.

According to The New Yorker Trump was also upset that DeSantis didn’t immediately rule out a presidential run despite knowing that Trump was planning on another White House run. Is it arrogant or interesting? Both. Why should a potential presidential candidate “immediately exclude a run” solely based on whether another candidate enters the race — or not. “Loyalty”?

Although it was not to create (rekindle), a firestorm of anger, Vice President Mike Pence was more loyal to Donald Trump than any other person during his presidency. Pence reacted to Trump’s request to take unconstitutional actions. (I know what you mean: see Electoral Count Act of1887) and “send” it back to the states. (No mechanism exists to do this). How did that happen? After Trump’s speech, the hashtag “Hang Mike Pence” became a trending topic on Twitter on January 6. It happened within 90 minutes.

Why shouldn’t they run if, for instance, Mike Pompeo (as I suggested at the top) or Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton (who is also strongly considering a bid), believe they have something to give Republican voters that no other candidates do?

My view is that there is one exception. I may be wrong, but I believe I was right. In 2024, other candidates would withdraw from Donald Trump’s announcement if he finally does it. This would be because they were concerned that Trump’s slash-and-burn tactics would diminish or eliminate their chances of succeeding in future runs. Given the 2016 tactics and the 2020 disaster, it is understandable. It’s a shame, but I hope it doesn’t.

I hope that constitutional conservatives, not to be confused as “RINOs”, will kick this thing into high gear so the chips can fall where they may.

Ooh, almost forgot: I had a pipedream that Ron DeSantis would be running in the second slot behind Donald Trump. It isn’t going to happen. Period.