Trump the Ugliest American?


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Bill Maher of HBO just lashed out at our beloved president. This is uncalled for.

  • BILL MAHER: I’m trying to put off talking about the story that depressed me all week more than any which is Donald Trump overseas. England’s royal family met America’s royal fuck up and Trump continued the time-honored tradition he has started of embarrassing this country in every possible shape, form, and way possible. First, he drags his whole family over there, did you see that? Even Tiffany. Really, Ivanka, Eric, Don Jr., I know we are all thinking the same thing, how did they ever get time off from their jobs? He’s just such the ugliest American ever. He gets over there, he insults the mayor of London right away, “Loser.” Insults Princess Megan, he says that she is nasty and then the worst he mistook the queen for Stonehenge. Fuck them too, fuck the royal family, I hate those fucker’s. What is this? You have to bow, your highness, another human being I’m supposed to call your highness, don’t talk to her unless she talks to you first, fuck all that.

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