Long time coming,Watch: Trump totally annihilate Pelosi,Schiff for defending Iran in unpatriotic moves,calls for investigation


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President Trump just flushed  the pathetic Democrats like a used toilet paper.

In a classic,epic way!

President Trump held little back when describing the events leading up to recent unrest in Iran, turning his Ohio rally speech in into a vicious takedown of the closet Communists that have infiltrated and infected D.C. and our nation.

Classic and deserved beatdown.

Check-Obama mentioned as Top iranian officials warns US against counter offensive after Iran missiles killed 30 of our soldiers,threaten isreal annihilation

When would Americans take to election polls and contain this evil in congress?

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  1. Keep up the great job President Trump. We are with you 100%. The dems are UNEDUCATED idiots. Nancy’s brain is so pickled from her alcohol abuse. You have Executive Power so use it when you know it is necessary. We trust you. Doing a great job.

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