Trump’s Bombshell: The VP Pick That Will Rock the 2024 Race


Donald Trump is the clear favorite to win the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. While anything is possible, he has maintained a strong lead in the GOP primaries polls. Before he announced his candidacy there was speculation about who he would choose as his running mate. It was clear that Mike Pence would not be his running mate, as he went on to run himself for president, even though his campaign lasted only six months.

In the past, we have heard many names. At one time, Rep. Elise Stefanik was considered. She was also considered by Rep. Kari Lake and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene were also under consideration. Who is Trump going to choose as his running partner, if he wins the nomination? Trump was asked this question during the Fox News Town Hall on Wednesday night with Martha MacCallum, and Bret Baier.

MacCallum asked, “Who is in the running to be vice president?”

Trump replied, “I can’t tell you,” before adding, “I mean, I know who it is going to be.” “I know exactly who it is going to be.”

Baier asked, “Can you give a hint?”

Trump was amused by the audience’s response when he said, “We will do another show sometime.”

What about the people you ran against? MacCallum asked, “Would you be willing to mend fences with any of them?”

“Oh, sure. I will. I will. I have already begun to like Christie better,” Donald Trump joked. He was referring to Chris Christie leaving the race earlier that day.

MacCallum jokingly joked, “Christie as vice president?”

I don’t see anything. Trump replied, “I don’t see it.” “That would be a shock—Christie for vice president. Trump began to joke.

Trump claims to know who the nominee will be, even though he won’t reveal it. We reported last month that Trump had “asked allies and advisors for their opinions about Nikki Haley, as a possible vice presidential candidate,” which many of his fans weren’t happy about. Kurt Schlichter, Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter, argued that at the time a Trump-Haley team would perform better than any potential GOP ticket featuring Trump as the leader.

Haley denied that she was interested in running as Trump’s vice president, and laughed off the allegations. Haley stated, “It is not even a discussion and I do not play for a second. It doesn’t even matter which candidate asks me to answer: I don’t play for seconds.” It’s offensive to say, “Oh, she wants vice president.” You wouldn’t do this for the vice president. You do not sacrifice your emotional, mental, physical, and family life to be second.

It’s difficult to tell if Trump is being honest or just narrowing down the list of candidates if he wins.

Kellyanne Conway predicted that Trump would pick a woman as his running mate. Kellyanne Conway predicted that if Trump decided not to run in 2024, or the Republican nominee, it would be a female. If he did decide to run, he might seriously consider choosing a female as his running partner. “And not a woman just for the sake of women, because he has never done that.” He recognizes we are more than half of the nation, and that we represent more than half of the electorate. We must restore the faith in women’s ability to lead.