Tucker Carlson Addresses the Battle Over Kevin McCarthy


Kevin McCarthy lost Tuesday’s opening round in his bid for Speaker of the House. He lost three rounds. Twenty-eight of his caucus members voted for him. The House then decided to adjourn that evening.

McCarthy, and his associates, are now trying to put pressure on remaining holdouts. This will be done from larger conservative media names.

This assumption seems a bit presumptive. Chip Roy, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz know they will have to take the heat.

Reschenthaler appears to have made an error in his assumption. Tucker Carlson has intervened, and his comments won’t make McCarthy or his associates happy.

Tucker begins by speaking to those who call the spectacle of Republicans discussing who will be the Speaker “embarrassing.”

Carlson: If you like the Soviet-style consensus that the Democratic Party has in its internal elections, this is embarrassing. Votes are a mere formality in this system and the major decisions made by donors years ahead of time will be made. ”

They do exactly what they say. Although it’s chaotic, it’s actually the way it’s supposed to be.

Carlson attacks McCarthy personally, accusing him of being a political “agnostic,” unaware of lobbyists and not any particular ideology. Frank Luntz is a notorious squish who lived with Frank.

Carlson accepts McCarthy’s arguments. However, it seems absurd to mention that McCarthy is willing and capable of the job. Jim Jordan was one of the 20 holdouts.

Carlson was now free to make his final point. Carlson was now able to make his final point.

It is important that Carlson does not blindly support McCarthy. I have not checked Sean Hannity’s records, but it appears that he chose to support McCarthy. Republicans can’t waste the next two years. They have only two years to expose all corruption in government before 2024.