Tucker Carlson Praises Giorgia Meloni in Sure-to-Trigger Commentary


A right-wing coalition in Italy won a dramatic, decisive victory in Sunday’s struggling country’s elections. Soon, terror erupted.

The possible rise of Giorgia Maloni to the post of Prime Minister was a major factor in the outrage. According to Meloni’s most ardent critics, Meloni is a “fascist.” What is it that she has done that would be considered a historically offensive political ideology? That’s a difficult question to answer, no matter how deep you try. Our smart group assures us that she is a “fascist”.

I read all replies to that post (at least those before I got to the spam filter) after I posted it. What do you think I discovered? There was a lot of screeching and not one tangible example to explain why Meloni is a fascist. One person claimed that Meloni believes in the “great replacement theory.” This was the closest anyone got to answer.

This is false. “Great replacement theory” is an anti-semitic conspiracy claiming that Jews are replacing people in order to control them. Meloni believes in legal immigration and is not anti-illegal migration. Meloni is simply anti-illegal immigration and believes in having (gasp!) national borders. If she is a fascist, then basically every nation-state since the conception of the idea has been fascist.

I digress. Tucker Carlson was kind enough to praise Meloni in his Monday evening monologue. It was a sure-to-trigger performance.

Carlson begins by explaining why Meloni’s coalition won. Paolo Gentiloni was the former Prime Minister of Italy. He once boasted to the World Economic Forum about his plans to bring more “social justice” to his country. It was years of illegal immigration, rising crime, collapsing economies, COVID lockdowns, and destruction of Italian cultural pride that followed. It is not surprising that voters in Italy decided to change their course.

Carlson then shared this quote from the President of the European Commission. Although she doesn’t speak English very well, the transcription below is accurate.

We have the tools to deal with difficult situations. I’ve already spoken about Hungary or Poland. If things move in the right direction, people, as a whole, are always um. Governments, which have to be held accountable, play an important part.

This was the set-up that led to Italy’s election. Brussels bureaucrats threatened and dictated to a nation that is supposed to be sovereign. Enter Meloni, who took on all the ire and emerged victorious with a message “God, Family, Country.”

Do you know anyone else who spoke about family and country? Adolf Hilter would have been Meloni, and Meloni is clearly fascist. Checkmate, chumps.

Many American news outlets are making this argument in the aftermath of her victory. They are unable to explain why she is a fascist in actual terms so they continue to flout with illusions of murderous dictators built on vague proclamations about values. France’s Emmanuel Macron would, I think, say that he values his family and country. Are you a fascist too? It’s all so stupid.

Carlson began to explore how all this plays out in America. He observed the stark contrast between Meloni’s culturally-based message and that of the Republican “Commitment to America,” declaring that there is nothing real about it. While focusing on traditional political issues (the economy, taxes, etc.) the GOP has devoted little to or no time and effort to the destruction of the family which is the backbone of society.

Finally, Carlson covered a viral clip on Monday that featured Meloni talking about the crushing family, religion, and science by global elites. She snarks at the end that she is “far-right,” according to American television stations.

But is it really? When you take Meloni’s views in a more objective light, they seem quite mainstream. How many people don’t worry about their children, their families, and the future of the world ten years hence? These cultural battles must be fought now.