Tulsi Gabbard Rips Mitt Romney Apart During Hearing


The opening salvo of its new select committee on the weaponization of FBI and DOJ was released by the House GOP. Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democrat congresswoman, was present as a witness at the hearing. She took the opportunity to explain how Big Tech and Big Government had corrupted her.

She shared a story about a woman who approached her during her 2020 presidential campaign and asked if she was working for Vladimir Putin. These accusations were made by Hillary Clinton first, accusing Gabbard of being “groomed” by Putin. Years later, Senator Mitt Romney would almost make the same accusation, saying that Gabbard was spreading “treasonous lyings” to respond to her commentary on the conflict.

Gabbard finally received an official podium from which she could respond during the hearing. She absolutely tore Romney apart.

Recently, US senator Mitt Romney charged me with treason. This is a crime that can lead to death and is currently punishable under our laws. I challenged him to prove this serious allegation. What evidence was it based upon? There was no explanation, no explanation, evidence, or apology.

These accusations are often dismissed as “well, it’s politics. People say things about one another all the time.” However, for me and my fellow servicemembers, this is serious. Every one of us has made a decision in our lives to raise the right hand, ready and willing to give our life for this country.

What does this actually mean? This means that before any deployment, we must make peace within ourselves with the possibility of not coming home. This means that we must write letters to our loved ones and try to find the words (end clip).

No matter what Gabbard’s foreign policy views may be, I find what Romney did to be disgusting and childish. It demonstrated that some US senators have maturity levels that are higher than my seven-year-old. An American citizen shouldn’t be able to speak out about a foreign conflict that doesn’t directly affect the United States. This kind of language is absurd and defamatory. Gabbard, being a public figure, would not make it worthwhile to file a lawsuit.

Although the term “treason,” is often misunderstood by both sides, it actually has a specific definition. It is to offer comfort and aid to an enemy country that the United States has declared war on. Commenting on the existence of Biolabs (which most people assume Romney meant) does not mean that the United States is offering comfort or aid.

Romney’s goal was clear. He wanted to stop Gabbard from speaking by accusing Gabbard of a death sentence crime. Gabbard was and is still serving in the military. Romney has never worn the uniform. It’s not to suggest that you shouldn’t have criticized someone who has. However, it is to point out that you shouldn’t accuse someone who spent their money of treason. It would be hard to imagine a US senator having that level of decency.

The senator from Utah is a big talker when he’s facing right-leaning ideological opponents (a place Gabbard apparently resides now, at least partially). He’ll cause a scene over George Santos or trash Tulsi Gabbard, but he’s nowhere to be found when Republicans need a champion to stand up to the harmful excesses of the left. In other words, Romney is the worst kind of politician. He’s a spineless former Democrat who seeks affirmation from the mainstream media over accomplishing anything substantial for the party he claims to represent. I’d take one Tulsi Gabbard over 10 Mitt Romneys.