Tulsi Gabbard to Campaign for MAGA Firebrand Kari Lake


Tulsi Gabbard, the Democratic Party’s founder, announced her resignation last week. She claimed that the party was now under “control by an elite cabal of warmongers”.

Gabbard won’t be joining the Republican Party anytime soon, but she will be running for Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake. Gabbard is a rising star of the MAGA movement. Gabbard made Monday night her endorsement.

Gabbard stated in a Twitter statement that “for too long establishment leaders of both parties have sought enrichment, play games, and increase their power while ignoring or even enabling the sufferings of millions of hardworking Americans.” “Kari Lake is a leader who places people first and is fighting for border security and energy independence as well as other policies that make American life easier and more affordable. Kari Lake doesn’t hesitate to expose the warmongering elite cabal of permanent Washington, the Military Industrial Complex, as well as their propagandists through the mainstream media. I look forward to supporting Kari Lake ahead of these crucial midterm elections.”

Lake tweeted her reaction to Gabbard’s endorsement. She tweeted, “Truly an honor to have an endorsement by this American Hero.”

Lake’s campaign announced Tuesday that the former Democratic presidential candidate would be attending an Arizona Young Republican Engagement Forum in Chandler, Arizona. The event will also feature other Trump-endorsed local candidates, such as Blake Masters, a U.S. Senate candidate, and Abe Hamadeh who is running to be state attorney general.