Turley Warns: Hunter Biden Faces Potential Jail Time for ‘Dragging Everyone Through Trial’ Amid ‘Damning Evidence’


Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, said that a federal court could sentence Hunter Biden to prison if he’s convicted of gun charges.

CNN reported that closing arguments in the case involving Biden’s purchase a revolver of.38 caliber concluded on Monday, and the jury has begun its deliberations. Turley claimed that Biden may not be able to escape prison due to the fact that he brought the case before a jury.

Turley said to Fox News host John Roberts that “I believe the odds are he won’t go to jail, but it was an open-and-shut case.” Turley said that some judges do not like the idea of a defendant being convicted if they are able to prove that a strict liability case was a false one.

Turley added, “I would not dismiss that possibility because of the trials he has gone through and what he put on the court by challenging overwhelming proof of guilt.”


Biden was charged in September with three felonies for making false statements and illegally possessing firearms while addicted to drugs. In October, he pleaded not guilt during his arraignment.

Turley had noted in an earlier segment that the Defense was apparently pursuing “jury nullification”, and that a “large Biden contingent” attended the trial. Since the trial began on June 3, First Lady Jill Biden is in attendance.

“I believe that if you examine the defense, it is as clear as it can be for a case of jury nullification.” Turley stated that the defenses [defense attorney Abbe] Lowell presented in her opening argument were thrown out within 48 hours. The prosecutors made mincemeat of these arguments. There were a number of them and they were all implausible. That’s not what the point is.

Turley added, “They are hoping the jury will nullify evidence.” “They don’t want the jury to ask questions about the evidence; they just want them to ignore it.”