Twitter Bans Sharing Photos, Videos Without Consent On CEO’s First Day


Parag Agrawal replaced Jack Dorsey in the Twitter CEO role and banned the sharing of images and videos without consent within one day. Twitter has made it illegal for you to share photos and videos of other people without their consent.

The company said that it would evaluate the context in which content was shared and could allow images or videos on its service.

Twitter previously banned the sharing of private information without permission. This includes an individual’s address and identity documents. It also includes financial info such as finances.

The ban on media from private individuals has been expanded.

Twitter claims that their teams are constantly trying to address these concerns while they improve their product and policies. They plan to be more transparent in order to maintain the trust of their users.

This move was made just one day after Jack Dorsey had been removed as CEO. Dorsey stated at the time that he decided to leave Twitter because he believes it can move on from its founders.