Twitter’s New CEO Signals Commitment To Free Speech


Twitter’s CEO Linda Yaccarino said she would prioritize freedom of expression on the platform during a Monday Twitter thread.

Yaccarino was appointed CEO of Twitter in June, after she left her position as Global Advertising and Partnerships Chair at NBCUniversal in May. She is also the chair of the World Economic Forum Taskforce on Future of Work. This led to concerns that she might support censorship in a more aggressive way than Musk.

She tweeted: “It is also becoming apparent that the global village needs to be transformed–to move civilization forward by the unfiltered exchange and dialogue of information about what matters most to us.”

Yaccarino has also stated other priorities.

According to an article from 2022, the WEF has consistently sought to clamp down on speech classified by experts as harmful. A small team of specialists has been trained to use artificial intelligence in order to identify “misinformation”, and other detrimental content. ”

According to Matt Taibbi, the Ad Council advised Twitter about COVID-19 misinformation.

According to a presentation that The New York Times obtained, Twitter’s revenue from advertising fell 59% in the five weeks between April 1 and the first week of may compared with the same period in the year 2022.

Several major companies have cut or stopped their spending on Twitter after Musk took control of the company. Ad agencies claim that this is due to so-called hate speech and misinformation.