UFC Champ Israel Adesanya Gives Fiery Defense Of Joe Rogan


    UFC champion Israel Adesanya quickly joined Joe Rogan’s defense during a passionate segment of Thursday’s news conference.

    Although Adesanya was not the intended target of the question, he did answer anyway. Adesanya gave a direct and bold answer to a reporter who tried to ask UFC chief Dana White questions about Rogan.

    White left the microphone and didn’t respond to the journalist’s question. White returned to the podium, but Adesanya boldly jumped in, saying: “First, let me take that one. Now, hold on. I’m Black. This one is mine.”

    Adesanya said, “Look, there are a lot of c*nts here,” “There are many snakes in this fight game. Since 2008, I have been involved in the fight game. Joe Rogan is one the most humble, coolest, and kindest motherf*ckers that I have had the privilege of working with. “Remember that.”

    Adesanya continued when a journalist tried pressuring him to continue talking about Rogan.

    “F*ck the noise. You can see what they are trying to do. The man is impossible to control. He has the largest platform in the world at the moment. That’s my n*gga Joe Rogan. F*ck the noise. Keep going Joe. Take some mushrooms. Keep doing you,” Adesanya concluded.

    Adesanya also spoke out on Instagram.

    In his Thursday Instagram post, he wrote: “United are we standing, divided are we falling.” We live in very strange times. The establishment has a system of shutting down voices that are critical of the dominant narrative. I don’t expect you to think like I do. I encourage you not to watch the tv, but to think for yourself. Do not let them pull the wool over you.