Ukraine Officially Applies for Fast-Track Membership to NATO, Rejecting Putin’s Call for Talks


After a series of fraudulent elections and Russian annexes of Ukrainian territory, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy filed an official NATO membership application.

Telegram sent a video message through which the surprise bid was made for fast-track membership.

He stated that “We are taking our decisive steps by signing Ukraine’s application for accelerated membership to NATO.” “We are aware that this requires consensus from all alliance members… therefore, while this happens, we propose the realization our proposals regarding security garanties for Ukraine and all Europe according to Kyiv Security Compact.”

Zelenskyy rejected Putin’s request for talks between the countries in his video.

“Clearly, that is impossible with the Russian president. He doesn’t know what honesty and dignity are. He said that we were ready to have a dialogue with Russia but not with another Russian president.”