UN Secretary-General Calls for End to ‘Fossil Fuel,’ Deems It ‘Inevitable’


The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), demands that fossil fuels be phased out to prevent a “climate emergency” which does not exist. You cretinous serf, how dare you drive a car when there is weather!

Antonio Guterres, speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos conference 2024, lectured condescendingly about his favorite subject (when he is not supporting Palestinian Jihadis against Israel). The alleged climate crisis. We know that climate alarmists are right because they have been wrong for over 50 years. Guterres lied: “2023 was the hottest record year ever.” “But it could [be] one of the cooler years in the future.”

He then began to criticize fossil fuels. Guterres noted that the media had recently reported on a multi-million dollar campaign launched by the U.S. fossil energy industry to halt progress and maintain oil and gas flow indefinitely. “Let’s be clear once again. The elimination of fossil fuels will be inevitable. It will not change no matter how many scare tactics you use. “Let’s hope that it’s not too late” Cue the doomsday drums.

Guterres continued, “But now we must act to ensure that a just and equitably transition to renewable energies is achieved.” He is the same man who spreads terrorism against Israel, and is infatuated with the Chinese Communist Party. Guterres’s host WEF, of course, is also obsessed with the phasing-out of reliable fossil fuels. They falsely claim climate crises as the biggest long-term global threat.

Guterres doesn’t tell you three things. As Nobel Prize-winning scientist John Clauser explained recently, the “climate crises” are merely unscientific propaganda. Data shows that despite Guterres’s fearmongering about global warming, the world has been cooling for eight years. A study from 2022 found that fossil fuels do not drive global warming. Arctic ice levels are at their highest level in 21 years for this time of the year. And there is data to disprove Guterres’s “hottest year ever”.

Second, Guterres does not want you to be aware of the fact that fossil fuels are not fossil fuels. They occur in abundance on many other worlds, as well as moons and planets. Climate alarmists promote the false notion that fossil fuels are limited by calling them such. Oil won’t run out anytime soon. The West is destroying itself by blaming its enemies.

Guterres hides the third truth: Our first-world industrial society, which is technological and industrial, simply cannot live on “green” energy, since it is harmful to the environment. States like Texas, which rely on green energy that is unreliable and expensive, have found out the hard way. It’s too expensive to match demand or efficiency. The UN will likely agree with WEF, which wants you to own nothing. This means that everyone except the elites must be poorer.