Veteran Entrepreneur Says Biden’s Economy Taking Toll On Small Business


Redline Steel founder and veteran Colin Wayne, who was described by Alex Marlow as an “American success story”, spoke to Breitbart News about his beliefs and experiences, as well as his struggles as a small-business owner in President Biden’s America. He stressed the importance of the “silent majority” speaking up.

Wayne joined the military when he was 17, and served in three tours in Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan. After getting hurt in Afghanistan, he had to undergo 15 months of physical therapy as well as lumbar block surgery. Wayne said that Shrapnel cut his right leg. Shrapnel eventually pierced his right leg. Wayne explained.

Wayne stated, “I am a Christian and believe that God opens and closes doors for a reason.” He explained that things continued to “compound” and that he knew he could be a voice for those who were not heard.

“[That] why Memorial Day is coming up is so important for me. He said that my company has donated more than $5 million to charities, non-profits, first responders, and medical staff. This partnership was made possible by great nonprofits such as Midnight Mission [and] USA Cares.”

Redline Steel was established by Wayne in 2016. It is the nation’s largest custom steel manufacturer.

Wayne stated, “Even President Trump bought a flag from me. He also sent me a thank-you note that he signed while he was at the White House.” It’s all made in America, using domestic raw materials.

He continued, saying that domestic sourcing is a major component of what we do. Breitbart News daily has called it the “worst” thing he’s ever seen.

Wayne stated that domestic sourcing is a problem because they have to order from up North, Michigan, and “different places” than the company has ever had to.

He said it is “compounding effort”. He explained that although his company had over one million orders placed directly to consumers on their website last year, shipping rates remained high.

“You look at inflation holistically from across the border. They’re estimating it at 7.8 percent. Wayne said that we are seeing a significant increase in steel, which is our primary domestic product.

He said that the past year had been “I’d say the past 15 months really, since he took office,” adding that he hadn’t paid himself in cash since March last year. He is instead investing in the company.

Trump tried to make a lot of the tariffs that were implemented. He said that he believes there is still much to do, but that he doesn’t see many economic incentives. He also stated that Biden’s Build back Better plan has failed to accomplish anything.

He said that he wanted to unify everything and that he was moving closer to a Communist nation. This is why he started Drop Hook, his software company. He wants to “totally reinvent the drop ship landscape” and offer technology integration with vendors that allows them to source products to thousands of merchants, and then add the products to their stores with a single click.

The successful entrepreneur spoke out about the importance of using his vast social media platforms to inspire others and speak up.

“I believe that it is imperative. I think more than ever. We are often called the silent majority, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be loud and proud. As if we should be voicing what is on our minds and not being afraid to state the obvious.

He said, “Censorship is real and I believe that you should use your voice to support a greater cause.”