Video : Jim Jordan Rip Democrats apart, “when you drain the swamp, the swamp fights back””


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Republican Rep. Jim Jordan in reaction to Trump’s impeachment,described the democrats as liars who neglect facts in pursuit of a partisan agenda,he further listed crimes committed by democrats which everyone else turned a blind eye to because there were more concerned about removing Trump,all for fulfilling campaign his promises and draining the swamp.

The most remarkable qoute from his speech at the judiciary committee “when you drain the swamp,the swamp fights back” was used to describe the current situation in US politics.
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  1. Thank you Mr. Jordan for reminding everybody of the truth. God Bless you and others like you who truly care about America and We the people who put President Trump in office.

  2. from Canada:I applaud Jim Jordan for his steady course and does not give up; like the President in fact, who looks more and more like the Energizer Bunny…going and going and…going
    another Hercules fghting the swamp where the hydra of Lerna lived – with a thousand heads, until Hercules (the President) finally ripped her off existence…If the Danes dont want to sell Greenland, how about purchasing Canada? it is a lot closer and would make a lot of sense..As a French expat having lived 5 years in the US,and close to 25 years in Canada I can tell the republican tone when I hear it – vs the absent-mindedness of Canadian regional condottieres in this Dominion, where the rhetoric is all republican but in their acknowledging it as such – without them knowing it.After living for so long next to the boa constrictor, you can hardly about its latest meal…just a bump North of Minnesota, North Dakota…flyover country.
    I want to tank Gaby Nassr, from L’Orient Le Jour for his image of the boa constrictor as functioning in his country of Lebanon, and how it is a global political phenomenon…Next to killing the hydra, hercules also cleaned Augias’s stenchy barns; he also killed all ferocious giant birds along Lake Stymphales…
    the swamp fights back….until Hercules shows upChers and a Happy Peaceful Year

    Charles Reesink

  3. i think the republc dems done a great job of catching the dems out on ever thing they have done .lies.treason.i dont think they have mssed out on anything they did .the lot of them power hungery .thought they would fire the impeachment thru no one will beatter an eye lid .because having power over others and think no one would tie it all together.pelozi probably stopped in hertracks when mr collin jim jordan stuck by trump done more than there jobs defending there country there people and there laws .they make infrance of what the fore fathers ment when they compiled the rules of your land .to suit there argument probably missed the whole point what thee fore fathers ment .your team of great congress men have done great job outing them and others will follow there will be more im sure ch

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