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We understand the Democrats desperation to get a viable candidate for the 2020 elections,the saddening downfall of Joe Biden has added little yield to their efforts.


There comes a time when family needs to step in and stop the madness.
I get it, the Dems are desperate for candidates, but the downfall of Biden is just getting sadder and more disturbing by the day.
This is a “dementia” disaster, and while we know some are “funny,” and make us chuckle, it’s getting to the point now, where it’s not funny, it’s sad.
Joe was caught previously talking to a reporter in Iowa, and he was talking as if he was still VP and Obama was president.

You won’t imagine Hillary Clinton’s response when asked why she killed Epstein

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  1. Uhhhh.
    “Joey, Nobody is as Stupid as you! Your NOBODY’S equil”, “Slug shit isnt human my son Joey”….. “JOEY”!!!! “STOP TOUCHING YOUR SISTERS BREASTS””. BAD JOEY! BAD BOY!!

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