Violence Erupts in France as Police Clash with Pro-Hamas Protesters


Pro-Hamas demonstrations have erupted across the world following the slaughter of more than 1,200 people. On Saturday, terrorists broke through the security fences in hang gliders and committed mass atrocities in Israeli towns and at a music festival.

This sparked mass protests in support of Hamas across the globe. Violence is expected to increase further on Friday during a “day of rage”. In France, things are already heating up, as police and protesters have been fighting.

Here’s how things started, and then we’ll get to how it ended.

During the pro-Palestine protest in Paris, Free Palestine was sprayed onto the statue of the Republic.

At least several hundred protesters were gathered around the Statue of the Republic. Some scaled it and damaged it. Spray-painting “Free Palestine” is visible on the priceless work of art. It also appears that a red piece of fabric has been placed over the head of one of the statue’s heads.

Remember that this all occurs in the aftermath of the murder of at least 1200 people including babies. People in Europe and the United States seem to think this is a good time to support Hamas and demand concessions from the Palestinians. It’s not right to blame the Palestinians for the biggest murder spree since the Holocaust.

While some may claim that these protesters are not pro-Hamas, but just pro-Palestinians, I do not think this distinction can be made. This would be the same as people protesting for Nazi Germany after a concentration camp was discovered. Hamas is responsible for these protests. Many of these protesters praise the terrorists directly, without even ambiguating their allegiances.

France is not a country that plays around with illegal protests.

The last clip may not be the same protest as the one at the Statue of the Republic, but the outcome was the same. The police used tear gas to clear the area before officers in riot gear arrived. The protesters are seen running, yelling phrases such as “free Palestine”.

Is this the start of “the day of rage”? This will depend on the local authorities’ ability to shut down protests that violate the law. French police acted quickly in this case because vandalism and trespassing were occurring. Other countries like the United States are unlikely to be as aggressive. We’ll see if this allows the situation to escalate to violence.