Viral Video of Italy’s Giorgia Meloni Shows Why the Left Hates Her


We got a glimpse of what the future holds for us on Sunday, as we wait to see the apocalyptic and hysterical responses that the left will offer at the November 8th mid-terms.

We reported that a coalition of right-wing parties won power in Italy. Giorgia Meloni was set to become the country’s first woman prime minister. The same left that demands you celebrate every victory on their side didn’t have anything to say about the glass ceilings in this instance. Instead, they resorted to their favorite trope. They insisted that she was a “fascist.”

Is she? It’s not clear from her policies. What I see is guilt by association claims relating to the origins and leadership of the party she leads. Why shouldn’t the same standard be applied to Democrats, whose history is littered with death and slavery?

So who is Meloni? And what does she believe in? A video of Meloni speaking about her values was viral after her win. It pretty much sums up why the left hates her.

Meloni’s speech was subtitled, so I won’t translate it separately. However, the main theme of Meloni’s speech is that the left wants to eliminate all identities of normal people. It doesn’t matter if it is family, religion, or nationality. The goal? To make people cogs of a bureaucratically driven consumer system. The vision of the World Economic Forum is that global elites control and dictate a “family” of nations for the “betterment of serfs.

She says that “everything that defines us now is an enemy”, in her comments. This demonstrates the government’s push to eliminate individual identity and promote government-driven malaise. Meloni continues to quote G.K. Chesterton: “Fires are going to be lit to show that two and two make four; swords will also be drawn to prove that the leaves are green in summer.”

It’s clear to see why she won. The Italian people have been suffering for years from far-left economic policies and COVID totalitarianism. They also lost their national pride. EU bureaucrats in Brussells sipped champagne and enjoyed the rewards. Voters finally said enough was enough. This is part of a larger backlash across Europe against the perversions and predations of the modern left.

Why is the left so hateful of Meloni? Because she is pro-family, pro-religion, and against the transgender lobby. Although she is not a fascist, she poses a threat to the revolution that the left has been leading. She must be demonized, and her life destroyed. She appears to be ready for battle.