Vladimir Putin Issues Decree Increasing Size Of Russian Military


According to Russia’s state-owned TASS news agency, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s leader, issued a Decree Thursday to increase the size of the Russian Armed Forces by 137,000 men by the year 2023.

Putin’s August 25 decree was uploaded by the Kremlin to an official Russian government portal. This portal provides legal information. It was reviewed by TASS.

The news agency stated that the standard strength of the Russian Armed Forces next season will be 2,039.758, which includes 1,150.628 servicemen, after viewing the document.

TASS reported that a previous decree had established the target size of the Russian Armed Forces at “1,902,758,” which includes 1,013,628 troops. It was effective from January 1, 2018,” the news agency stated, recalling that Thursday’s decree rendered the 2018 decree null and void.

In 2017, Putin signed the last order for military expansion. It was signed by Putin in 2017. The order allowed Russia to increase its military force size by “13.698 military personnel”, and “5,357 combatants”, according to the Guardian newspaper. This was recalled by the Guardian newspaper in Britain on Thursday.

Moscow has set a goal for 2019-2025 by the Russian Defense Ministry to raise its armed forces to 475 600 units by the end of the six-year period.

These facts were observed by TASS about the size of the Russian military on August 25th, and they were written down by TASS:

The Defense Ministry doesn’t plan to abolish conscription. Sergey Shoigu (Defense Minister) stated that Russia’s armed forces had 352k contract servicemen at the close of 2015, more than the 297,000 conscript sailors or soldiers. There were also 270,000 commissioned officers and ensigns in the Russian army. The Defense Ministry predicts that there will be an increase of contract service men to 475 600 in 2020-2025.

The Kremlin’s announcement this week that it would bolster its armed force coincides with the ongoing conflict between Russia and neighboring Ukraine, which began on February 24th.